The FreeThought Blogs sinking ship

Whether you’re an atheist or not, I certainly hope you embrace the idea of rigorous skepticism, questioning authority and thinking for yourself, always remembering that the niggling sense of doubt you have that you may be wrong about something is the sign of a free mind. If you embrace those values then you almost certainly are pleased to see the cesspool of irrationality known as “FreeThought Blogs,” (which, fair disclosure, has viciously and irrationally attacked AVfM many times, and has also personally attacked and misquoted me on non-men’s related issues multiple times in the past, so I don’t have a lot of sympathy for them) teetering on the edge of complete collapse.

Thunderf00t’s latest video is, I make no bones about it, a source of great schedenfreude for me. When you’ve been viciously savagely lied about, quoted out of context, accused of believing things you don’t, and more, it’s pleasant to see others recognize that the bullies who did it to you are, indeed, irrational bullies who’ve done it to many others, and to see the bullies increasingly become a laughingstock.

I hope you will subscribe to Thunderf00t’s channel and, if you do go there, keep your comments thoughtful, on this or any of the other issues he makes videos about.

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