The cunning evil of men

It seems there’s a lot of surprise going about the internet-feminism community at the moment. Mostly surrounding everyone’s favorite headliners for Men’s Human Rights Activism: the Radfems, whose blatant, misandry-inspired transphobia seems to have come as a shock to the more delicate souls of the feminist movement, who appear to have been laboring under the delusion they were members of a human rights movement.

Oh, my sides.

Now, it has already been pointed out that, in fact, the Radfem behavior is the most eminently logical behavior seen of all feminists.

That, given the presumption that women are oppressed, and have always been oppressed, men are clearly an enemy. Men are incapable of empathy and therefore a present and maleficent danger to women everywhere. If we take this as a given: that the entirety of human history has been the systemic oppression of women, by men; as opposed to, say, a mixture of societal adaptations to environmental factors to maximize the survival quotient of the group, primarily through maximizing the survival of females, then Radfem behavior is still, and remains still, perfectly logical.

Man – the Enemy, has, throughout recorded history engineered a societal system specifically designed to oppress women. He has shown to be a cunning, incredibly powerful, brilliant enemy, willing to go to almost any lengths, including sacrificing his own kind to homelessness, suicide, war, starvation and exposure, icy water, inimical working conditions and almost infinite other permutations of hardship, sacrifice and death, just to oppress women, even if it should mean men (his own) should die protecting those they oppress. He has engineered a situation where, despite equal and indeed preferential treatment under law, and an electorate that is a 54% female, he maintains almost-hegemony over the economic and political spheres.

We, men, are malevolence of such force, cunning, and intellect as to insofar present no adequate pop-culture metaphors to liken us to.

Thus, it is hardly unreasonable of Radfems: when faced with an enemy of such resource, such cunning, such depth of strategy, such ruthlessness and general ability, as to defy any reasonable attempt at description, to presume that trans women are not, in fact, people afflicted with an unfortunate biological condition which causes female-type brain activity in an otherwise male body, but rather, infiltrators.

Remember: they face a foe who has been willing to kill billions of his own, who is still willing to kill, and to permit the deaths of, millions of men solely for the purpose of maintaining his oppressive hold over womankind. The loss of a few more to violence, suicide and general societal indifference will not bother him, so long as his Patriarchy stands. (The haunting similarities between the treatment of trans women, and men, in our culture, of course, will go unnoticed to the mainstream feminists.)

He will, likewise, be capable of fabricating whatever evidence is required as to provide an effective cover story for these ‘infiltrators’, just as he is capable of fabricating evidence debunking the gender wage gap, evaporating myths about rape and utterly shattering the oppressed/oppressor model of gender relations, despite the manifest truth of these things.

As it is not unreasonable, faced with the MechaSauron that is The Male, to presume infiltrators will be used, disguising themselves as women to contaminate our precious bodily fluids undermine and further the subjugation of womankind, it is also not unreasonable that some of the Beloved Oppressed will, faced with the monster that is Patriarchy, “bargain with the patriarchy” for their own preferential treatment, choosing a lifetime of comfortable servitude, as opposed to the hideous, wrenching challenges presented by slutwalking, shaming, reblogging on tumblr and the other hardships of a feminist lifestyle.

Indeed, some will even go so far as to disguise themselves as the oppressor, sacrificing their beloved womynhood (and thus all humanity) to become one with the hated oppressor. Of course, the notion that these individuals are simply afflicted with an awkward biological disposition to male-type brain activity while still possessing a phenotypical female body is merely another patriarchal cover story, concocted by the same evil that created Uruk-Hai paternity testing.

In fact, the acceptance of trans people (traitors and spies they are), by mainstream feminism, shows just how effective the infiltration has been in confusing the debate from the purity of “woman oppressed, man oppressor!”, to a muddied state of affairs where the patriarchal myth that, perhaps, traditionalism was eminently shitty from pretty much every end of the spectrum that wasn’t in charge (which oddly, tended to have a fairly even gender split); that women are just as responsible for shaping the society in which we live; that perhaps men have problems, and issues, and inequalities to face; that it is once again time for our social structure to adapt to our environment.

That men’s rights are human rights.

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