Tales from the Infrared: It’s Alive!

Tales from the Infrared, Geek Culture from a Red Pill Perspective, makes its triumphant return on Saturday, 19 October 2013, at 3pm London time, 10am Eastern US time, with host Christian Chiasson and co-host Dean Esmay. Join us as we talk all things geeky and nerdy, but especially (this week) The Walking Dead, Grand Theft Auto V, the new Pokemon game, and more! Get ready for nerdgasm!

Rumor has it that Paul Elam may be making a special appearance to talk about The Walking Dead.

Note for those new to A Voice for Men: Unlike any of our other regular radio shows (Voice of Europe, AVFM News and Activism, Revelations, Honey Badger Radio), Tales from the Infrared is very specifically a light, non-serious show. We talk and write about very serious things on a regular basis, and not kicking back to take a break and just enjoy fun things now and then will wear thin on everyone. So if you’re looking for serious, look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for fun, join us!

Click here to access the show page!


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