Steven Fisher’s lies to Australian men

Addressing the hatred, lies, and bigotry of the white ribbon campaign: A counter-argument in opposition to institutionalized corruption and malice.

The men and boys of Australia are under concerted attack from an established, moneyed, and mainstreamed religion of hate. The proponents and actors of this ideology occupy seats in government, the civil service, in Australian academia, and in privileged positions in much of the non-profit as well as for-profit private sector. The ideologues pushing this movement forward are re-writing laws to denude men of their legal rights, access to justice, and any representation in government whether local or national. This social trend represents a long term degradation of the quality of life for all Australians, and will have far reaching negative consequences to the fabric of civil society, and the economic prosperity of the country. However, the gravest and most immediate outcomes are now, and will be, for the men and boys of Australia. This document is written with their interest, their civil rights and recognition of their humanity in mind.

In 1914 despite widespread pro-war propaganda, male enthusiasm for shipping off to be slaughtered was low. To overcome the reluctance of young men to get themselves killed or maimed for the benefit of a few hereditary elites and royals, Admiral Charles Fitzgerald began organizing a groups of women to help “convince” the men of Britain to enlist.

The objective of these groups was to shame civilian men into joining the armed services. This was  accomplished by public humiliation — with women handing out white feathers to any man who did not wear a uniform. The feathers were intended as a badge of disgrace, branding the men who received them as cowards, the primary effect of which as to render them as unsuitable in the eyes of women. Women of all backgrounds contributed their influence to this effort, to the great benefit of armed services recruiters.[/box]

In Australia, a similar assault on the character of men comes from Stephen Fisher, a quisling in radical feminism’s war on male identity. Fisher is the author of Australia’s
White Ribbon Policy Research document titled:

From Violence to Coercive Control:
Renaming Men’s Abuse of Women

In this campaign, men are publicly targeted by women and confronted, receiving a demand to wear a white ribbon as proof of their support for branding men generally as abusers. This assault is thinly disguised as a well intended plan to protect women from an epidemic of domestic violence. But, the epidemic happens to be fictional. Abusive men are the decided minority and occur with no more frequency than abusive women.

The purpose of this discussion is not one of converting opinions. Men aware of their own lives don’t need to be told they’re not violent abusers. However, the sickeningly dishonest and hateful white ribbon campaign aims to do much deeper harm than simply accusing all of Australia’s men and boys with violence in which they have no part.

In a strategy of surpassing cruelty and malice, the white ribbon campaign endeavors to re-characterize nearly every aspect of masculine thought, masculine sexuality, and masculine agency as pathological and violent. The invisible, fictional, and unsupportable narrative of omnipresent male against female violence cannot be maintained, and so a new fairy tale is being packaged and sold.

Violence in the real world is measurable, and its absence is equally measurable; making that old lie a useful tool of public policy increasingly difficult. The white feather campaign’s new lie is that non-violent, non-pathological and non-abusive behavior is part of a continuum of oppressive coercion and control of women.

The migration from claims of actual violence to an ephemeral, invisible, but socially systematic coercion and control places this narrative of claimed oppression beyond easy refutation by evidence, and that is deliberate. In a socially level playing field this tactic would be impossible, but in a society already gripped by the narrative of a radical feminist zeitgeist, dissenters to this unsupportable hogwash can be silenced, marginalized, blacklisted, and censored. Bigots already control the ideology now running Australian government, law enforcement, the courts, and education. Now, they want your mind.

The white ribbon’s assault on Australian men begins with the following falsehood.

The White Ribbon Campaign is the largest global
male-led movement to stop men’s violence against women.

This is false. The white ribbon campaigns purpose is to de-legitimize and to demonize male identity; to build fear and resentment between men and women in Australian society. It is to weaken families and to render the public less able to oppose the increasingly totalitarian reach of Australian government into the lives of all Australian men and women.

The white ribbon introduction continues:

It engages and enables men and boys to lead this social
change. In Australia, White Ribbon is an organization
that works to prevent violence by changing attitudes and

This is code, and what it means is that the white ribbon campaign aims to convince men and boys that no matter what kind of humans they are; decent, hard working, and loving human beings, that because they are male, they are corrupt, violent and innately evil. This is to be corrected by indoctrination into the belief that they should be beasts of burden in service of feminist elites, academics, and bureaucrats.

My brothers, don’t fall for this lie you are being sold.

“The prevention work is driven through social
marketing, Ambassadors and initiatives with communities,
schools, universities, sporting codes, and workplaces.”

This is a program of indoctrination, and it’s goal is to claim domain over your mind and your identity as men. You will be what feminists determine you to be, and that is the vile oppressors of all women, to be made sorry and supplicant and to atone through your utility to these ideologues.

The white ribbon campaign is in no way concerned with protecting women. It is concerned solely with the marginalization of men, and to enslave minds, your mind.

Throughout this hateful piece of feminist agitprop, claims of fact are made with the purported goal of protecting women. This ruse is a cynical and calculated appeal toward the good nature of men to compromise their own human rights in service of supposed protection of their female friends, lovers and relatives. While pushing a narrative of innate male evil, men’s innate goodwill is callously exploited to coerce male compliance.

From the Fisher policy report we have this slick and cynical deception:

There are a number of key points that men involved in men’s violence prevention should understand. These include the following (lies stated for truth):

  • “Violence is gendered”

This is false. Almost all peer reviewed research on domestic violence demonstrates that men and women are violent within intimate relationships at equal rates.

In non-domestic criminal violence, men are correctly identified as the majority of offenders, but the facile and populist reading of this ignores that due to an average lesser physical stature than men and differing psychology, women utilize force and violence indirectly rather than directly. Violence is not gendered.

The next lie in Fisher’s report:

  • Violence is primarily a social and structural problem, not an individual or medical one”

This is a statement calculated to justify persecution of men and boys without regard for their commission or non-commission of supposed acts of coercion or violence. If somewhere, anywhere, a single solitary woman is subject to violence, then all men are guilty of it, especially you.

Fisher’s ambition exceeds even that summary, by changing the language from violence to coercion, a much more slippery fish to nail down, as this creeping evil can be claimed in all social interactions.

The lies continue:

  • “Violence involves processes of coercive control rather than only acts causing physical injury”

This sweeping claim, if allowed to pass enables all male expression, action, and identity to be treated as social pathology. The only good men in such a narrative are slaves in chains. If you swallow this lie, gentlemen, or allow its utterance without challenge, then the chains will be on your mind and your identity.

Fisher’s next item of agenda is as follows:

  • “Men’s physical violence against women is a crime”

This seems obvious, uncontroversial and unchallenging. The interesting element is what is left unstated. The word only.

Only men’s physical violence against women is a crime, women’s violence against men is not.

Finally, Fisher attributes a motive of malice to men and boys, in an ultimate demonstration of projection.

  • “Perpetrators act in dynamic and strategic ways.”

This is a back-handed way to re-characterize all nonviolent, non-coercive, and non-pathological behavior by men as an offense.

If you are a loving father, husband, or hard working man, Fisher has created a narrative in which everything you do is attributed a motive of harm to women.

Here is his plan – presented to you without adornment or translation:

Each of these points can be best addressed by taking a pro feminist stance on men’s violence against women.

Such a stance “… acknowledges the gendered nature of this violence; addresses the complex nature of power, status and inequality between women and men in our society; and is committed to eliminating both this violence and its impact to improve the lives of women and children.”

The message here, gentle men and brothers, is conform; obey.

I’ll offer a different suggestion. Don’t obey, don’t conform, and do not accept this vile attempt to render you a slave. As a man who recognizes and values his own humanity apart from utility to a cynical bureaucrat or a banker, I urge Australian men to believe in themselves apart from the cynical mandate of servitude Stephen Fisher would map for you.

I’m asking you, men of Australia, don’t fall for the sick lie you’re being sold. Don’t take this assault on yourself and your sons lying down. It’s also an assault on your families, and indirectly, on your wives, daughters and mothers, and female friends and lovers.

It is a cynical and perverse attempt to de-humanize you, and force your compliance and cooperation in your dehumanization. Tell Stephen Fisher to take his white feather campaign and go fuck himself.

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