Rabbi A. “Romi” Cohn of NYC, New York “Known Genital Mutilator”

Rabbi Romi CohnRabbi Avrohom “Romi” Cohn has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.

From the website American Board of Ritual Circumcision we see that Rabbi Cohn is “Executive Chairman of the American Board of Certified Mohelim.”

“As one of world Jewry’s most experienced mohelim, Avrohom “Romi” Cohn has performed more than 25000 circumcisions, on babies and adults in New York City, nationally and internationally. With his vast knowledge and experience, Cohn has trained dozens of mohelim and serves as the director of the American Board of Ritual Circumcision.”

As society slowly evolves toward sanity, Rabbi Cohn and people like him are increasingly facing opposition. He’s in the news for defending the sometimes deadly practice of sucking the blood from the infant’s mutilated penis. See the story here.

From the homepage:

Making sure your child’s in the best of hands.

The American Board of Ritual Circumcision is an organization devoted to the oversight of ritual circumcision and ensuring they are performed without compromising of halachic, medical, and safety measures. Our organization only approves ritual mohelim who are qualified experts in circumcision who have met the rigorous standards of halacha (Jewish law) and have demonstrated expertise and competence while serving an internship under a senior mohel. A number of leading pediatric urologists and physicians oversees our list of mohelim. Your child is too precious. He deserves to be circumcised by only the best.

Being in the hands of a circumciser is not the “best” treatment for a child. Why don’t we allow the child to decide for himself if genital mutilation is “best” for him?

“The American Board of Ritual Circumcision” admits this risky, unethical surgery is ritual with no medical necessity. Actually, it’s illegal to cut unconsenting infants for no medical reason. It’s sickening to see statements such as “Your child is too precious. He deserves to be circumcised by only the best.” That’s like ‘he deserves to be assaulted and maimed by the “best.”‘

Cohn’s barbaric and sometimes deadly practice of Brit Milah, the act of cutting then sucking the blood is obviously not medically necessary and is not even needed to satisfy Jewish tradition. A  naming ceremony called Brit Shalom can be done without risky surgery, and as a matter of fact any baby born to a Jewish woman is Jewish.

Here’s some of the “Objects and Purposes” of “The American Board of Ritual Circumcision:”

Mindful that the sanctity of life is a peremptory norm of Jewish life and the body of halachah, being the system of ethic-legal principles, rules, practices and usages which governs every aspect of its conduct;

Reaffirming that the practice of Bris Milah takes place within the framework of the peremptory Jewish norm of the sanctity of life;

Realizing that this requires the exercise of extreme caution in matters relating to or impinging upon the health and well-being of infants upon whom Bris Milah is performed;

By any stretch of the imagination, there are no “ethic-legal principles” involved in anyone who mutilates infants without consent.

“Sanctity of life” is used twice, as if the repetition will make it so. Actions speak louder than words, and leaving infants intact seems more respectful to life and human rights. The true “exercise of extreme caution” would forbid mutilating an infant and then risking further injury by mouth-to-penis infection.

Under “Bris Facts” these circumcisers link to articles attempting to answer the question “Bris Milah, Beautiful or Barbaric?” using ancient religious teachings such as this:

Personal Commitment
The secret to Jewish continuity lies in the Brit Milah, which strengthens one’s personal commitment to God. Once this is achieved, the communal commitment will emerge on its own.

“Barbarism” is also ancient as “Brit Milah,” and “personal commitment” refers to the person getting circumcised WHO IS NOT COMMITTED TO ANY RELIGION, AND CERTAINLY NOT TO PERMANENT, PAINFUL AND RISKY GENITAL SURGERY.

Since Rabbi Cohn has no information about the risks of circumcision, you can read that here at neonatalcutting.org.

Rabbi Cohn’s contact info follows:

Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY

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