Protesting the spread of mortal violence by law professor Elizabeth Sheehy

Please sign this petition protesting the spread of mortal violence against males within the book Elizabeth A. Sheehy has written. She is the Shirley Greenberg Professor of Women and the Legal Profession in the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa. Her book promotes violence and even suggests that women can kill their husband while they sleep.

Sheehy wants to legalize murdering men in Canada.

Promoting violence against anyone in Canada is wrong and in violation of Canadian laws and moral principals that govern our conduct. Sheehy, a law professor and a member of the Bar, has lost her moral and lawful compass. The book that the University of British Columbia Press has agreed to publish is also promoting and enabling the spread of hatred and violence against man. We are directly opposed to this book that promotes violence against man.

Please contact UBC Press and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to express your concerns about the contents of this book.


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