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[box]Meshael Alayban, 42, was arrested and charged Wednesday July 10th, 2013 for allegedly keeping slaves in her Orange county, California residence.

Her arrest followed the complaint of a 30-year-old Kenyan woman who flagged down a bus and asked the driver for help.

The Kenyan woman said that Alayban said that she accepted a job with Alayban in Kenya in 2012, hoping to earn enough money to pay her daughter’s medical bills. Instead, Alayban transported her to the United States, confiscated her passport, held her captive against her will at her home and forced her to work almost round the clock for $200 a month, instead of the promised $1600 a month wage.

Upon investigating, police found four other women living and working in Alayban’s home, all of whom left voluntarily with officers, stating a desire to be free.

Because she confiscated the women’s passports and is accused of refusing to allow her accuser to leave, Alayban is charged with human trafficking.

Alayban, who faces up to 12 years in prison if convicted, is today free on 5 million dollar bail, paid by check, issued by Saudi Arabia officials. She has been ordered to wear a GPS tracking device until her hearing.

Alayban’s lawyer has argued that her bail was too high, and the case is unmerited, labeling the situation a “domestic work hours dispute.”

 Meshael Alayban, Saudi Princess, Accused Of Human Trafficking

Saudi princess free on $5 million bail in Calif.

Saudi Arabian princess charged with human trafficking after a domestic slave at her Orange County condo managed to escape

Saudi princess, Meshael Alayban, held in Calif. on human trafficking charges, $5 million bail


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