News week in review Oct. 10-17th

Needless to say it has been another big news week for AVFM News, but as usual we try to bring you stories that you may not have been exposed to in addition to the big ones.

Item: ABC news announcement of upcoming 20/20 broadcast draws intcredible traffic as well as criticism. 

An article titled “Women Battle Online Anti-Women Hate From the ‘Manosphere'” which featured an accompanying video of Paul Elam being interviewed by a not so covertly hostile journalist got lots of attention today.  It is clear that the producers of 20/20 are seting up Elam for a hit piece to be broadcast tomorrow night and readers were quick to let them know how they feel about it.  Over 1300 comments so far with the highest ranking one posted by one PlainOldTruth, in which he states:

“Paul Elam tells the truth. His project assists all people who are exploited by callous ideology-addled social engineers and control-freak bureaucrats. He is no post-modernist. Anita Sarkesian is a typical busybody attempting to profit from bossing others around. Her offer of supervision is unwelcome. If you want to see what kind of harassment happens when misandrists get going just look into the story of Ms. Erin Pizzey, one of the most important and brave human rights activists alive.”

329 upvotes.  Very nice PlainOld Truth!

Item: Australian dad battles child supports system for justice in paternity fraud case

Men in the U.S. have it the worst it seems when it comes to paternity rulings in child support cases, with paternity being unchallengeable after a short amount of time in most states.  But in Australia it is the bureaucracy that makes it bad for duped dads.  This video is a good expose of the challenges down under when it comes to paternity fraud.

Item: Video surfaces of alleged rape incident at Ohio University, she seems to be having quite a time

A woman has alleged rape in this incident and the man is facing expulsion even after a video surfaces clearly showing that, while it was in public, it was quite consensual.  She is not facing any consequences….yet.

Item: Punishment only for male students in bomb hoax

A bomb threat was found in a boys room at a Idaho high school and as a result only male students are subject to closed campus rules as punishment.  It doesn’t matter that previous bomb threats were made by female students who did not face such exclusive punishment.  Jonathan Taylor gives us the real lowdown here.

Item: American Society of Reproductive Medicine Report shows circumcision has no significant association between circumcision status and sexually transmitted diseases.

A study performed by urologists at the ASRM has concluded, as has been concluded many times before, that circumcision does NOT prevent the spread of STDs.  Now if we can just convince the World Health Organization before their circumcision drive in Africa results in millions of deaths.

Item: Christian Adamek suicide receives international attention

Since last week hundreds of news sources around the world have reported on the tragic death of Christian Adamek.  Perhaps MHRAs had something to do with the publicity.  We would like to think so.




Public Oral Sex At Ohio University Blows Up On Social Media, Rape Alleged
Public Oral Sex At Ohio University Blows Up On Social Media, Rape Alleged
Public Oral Sex At Ohio University Blows Up On Social Media, Rape Alleged

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