News Week in Review Aug 27 – Sept 3, 2013


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Item: Colleges offer credit for spewing feminist bullshit all over Wikipedia

In the latest blatant attempt to censor and otherwise control the entire public discourse about gender issues and other things involving, gee I don’t know….everything else, Gender Studies programs all over the U.S. have begun awarding college credit to anyone who expresses “A woman’s point of view or feminist point of view” in Wikipedia posts.  Don’t think for one second these are small fry colleges doing this.  Yale University, Brown University, and Pennsylvania State University top the list of over fifteen colleges nation wide.

Item: First one in four, then one in three, now 63% of all college aged women have been sexualy assaulted!

Yup, that’s right. According to student unions in Canada when talking about female students in that country.  Oh and don’t forget to give them your money too!  The article speaks for itself.

Item: Epidemic of women selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist and other internet platforms

Scary stuff.  Apparently both buyers and sellers of positive pregnancy tests are converging on Craigslist and other internet markets like Ebay in order to capitalize on the growing market for women who want their man-folk to “pop the question.”  All legal and no recourse if you are defrauded into marriage.  Guys be ware!

Item: False rape accusers attorney says that 18 month sentence is too harsh for false rape claims. Cites impact on children.

That’s right, whenever a woman does something egregiously wrong she can always use the fact that she is a mother as her defense.  Does anyone ever ask the question: “what effect the absence of a father would do to a child?”

Item: Naval Academy cadet gets drunk of her own volition, has sex of her own volition then regrets it finishes up testimony at hearing

In a fortuitous case involving accusations of sexual assault involving alcohol at the U.S. Naval Academy following so much public debate about the role of drinking in sexual assault a hearing involving an accuser who got drunk and, by the eyewitness accounts of several midshipman, initiated in sexual conduct with the accused concludes.  The hearing held at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. will determine if the accused will face court marshal.  Under military code they will be facing a life time sentence if found guilty of allowing a girl to give them a blow job.

Item:  Take a look at the lawyer who is representing the accused in above mentioned case

This woman worked as a corporate lawyer and then all of the sudden found her true calling:  helping victims of military mistreatment including those tortured at Guantanamo and Abu Garib and making a ton of money doing it.

Lawyers for the defense are actually using this article as a counter argument item.

Item:  Happier news to report:  According to Managing Editor Dean Esmay, Erin Pizzey is home from the hospital and in good cheer and good spirits and moving around on her own and looking forward to doing a show on Saturday?

Great show Ms. Pizzy!  Best of wishes from all here at AVfM and may you make a speedy recovery!


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