Monday Roundup

If you’re our average reader you’re just returning from a weekend away. If so here’s a roundup of some great stories you may have missed on AVfM in the last week, plus a link or three from outside the site.

First off I’m going to indulge in a shameless bit of somewhat-self-promotion: Saturday May 25th’s episode of Domestic Violence Revelations with Erin Pizzey was the single best two hours of radio I’ve ever been involved in. If you listen to one episode this month or, hell, this year, listen to this one. Erin, Tom Golden, and the callers created something you’ll want to even play for your Blue Pill friends. No, really.

Anyway: Feminists are fond of saying we live in a world they call “Patriarchy,” a pseudoscientific concept without about as much validity to it as Nazi Eugenics theory. Some nowadays make a dodge on that and say “no not Patriarchy, but Kyriarchy,” which is just a more complicated, and more overtly racist, version of their same “Patriarchy” concept. Gordon Wadsworth penned a must-read essay challenging this nonsense and noting what the state of affairs might actually look like to an outsider to the human race: he calls it Infantriarchy.

Secular activist Justin Vacula had an interview last week with A Voice for Men you might want to check out. Vacula has been demonized and bullied for over a year by a number of parties for the crime of simply being skeptical and offering intellectual challenges to some feminist claims. He recently had fun at a Women in Secularism conference and the interview was fun to listen to. (Plus, it turns out that there’s a batshit crazy paranoid squirrel lady who used to be considered a rationalist saying he’s stalking her because, well, he shows up at conferences. Watching squirrel ladies get steadily nuttier just makes watching him work even more fun. I threw a couple bucks his way just for the fun of it, and a few over at Dogmatic Nutland had a field day with that alone.) We also did a whole radio show with Justin that you might also enjoy listening to. That gender ideologues take outrage and offense at this mild-mannered, sensible, decent man is rather illustrative of just how far some people will go to avoid confronting their own cognitive dissonance.

A couple of years ago, Paul Elam penned an article that was intentionally full of mis-statements, fabrications, and misquotes of scientific literature in order to demonstrate how often sloppy interpretations of research, and outright fabrications of research, are used to give society a picture of men that’s outright demonic and one of women as helpless victims of pretty much everything. Ever since he penned it, it has periodically been linked by other sites, causing a shitstorm of controversy from people who invariably do not bother reading to the end of the article where it states plainly that the whole thing is lies and is given as an example of the bullshit that’s said about men practically every day in the press. Paul has a chuckle over this article, which goes into how despite the fact that it’s clearly stated as a parody of “research” that’s been endlessly debunked and that competent researchers have confirmed over and over is debunked, they still can’t see the parody. Ah well, any publicity is good publicity, or so they say, and in any case it appears impossible to overestimate the depths of human stupidity that’s out there.

The honeybadger contingent continues to expand. Deborah Kendrick shares how she found the red pill. Welcome aboard, Gender Traitor Deborah! Now shut up and make me a sammich!

In the last decade Spain became an almost literal hellhole for fathers and their children, or really just about any man foolish enough to have relations with even a somewhat selfish or irresponsible woman. Lucian Vâlsan has part I of a devastating report on what’s been done en-masse to Spanish men, and has Part II here. Anyone who thinks this sort of thing can’t happen in a modern liberal democratic society is out of his mind.

What makes a real man? John the Other notes there’s a problem inherent in the very nature of that question.

Jared White penned a rather controversial article for us last week, wherein he says Patriarchy is real. But you may want to hold onto your response until you read it, because it looks to our eyes like what he’s really done is go back to an understanding of what that word meant before it got twisted and turned into unrecognizable pseudoscientific ideology. Agree with him or don’t, to me it’s a note of sanity in a discussion that’s usually anything but sane.

The vast majority of men’s advocates have known for decades–yes, decades–that domestic violence is not a problem of man-on-woman and man-on-child violence, but that gender ideologues calling themselves feminists have been lying about it for a long time. The problem is that the accumulated weight of scientific evidence can’t be held at bey forever (at least we hope not) and here’s some exciting news on that front you may want to check out.

Hyundai recently pulled an ad that made a joke of a man committing suicide. Victor Zen accepts their apology for it but notes the cultural sickness that underlies finding that funny in the first place. Before you start arguing, you might want to read what he has to say first.

After having creating something of a stir a couple of months ago, veteran men’s and father’s activist Glen Poole recently graced our page with a thoughtful look at the massive silver lining around that particular little dark cloud. It’s good to see Poole back on our pages.

Domestic abuser and murderer Jodi Arias is selling t-shirts. Fuck you to anyone who buys one.

Peter Lloyd returns to our page to note that British feminists are still self-centered, self-entitled misandrists who demand that men live up to their standards without giving a fig what men’s wants or needs are. Now apparently men are bad if they don’t want to make babies and be providers at the demand of women. Apparently, some men are wary of being a disposable utility for women. Wonder why that would be?

We’re a little tired of being told all Men’s Human Rights Activists do is whine. Whether it’s little things or big things, we’re actually activists around here, and not just talkers. Sorry, dumbasses, but we are.

Did I mention the honeybadger ranks are still swelling? Well yeah they are. And Diana Davison is a working woman who openly wonders who a lot of her fellow females in the workplace think they’re fooling. Man I can’t wait to read more from this chick.

There’s also been a ton of stuff added to our video section, so if you’re looking for something to watch or listen to instead of just read, be sure to check that out on top of our radio shows.

In a bit of good news outside of A Voice for Men, the Times of India notes that judges are increasingly raising complaints about women abusing rape laws. You know, you’d think that those most concerned with the rape of women (let alone men, who of course don’t count even though they’re far more often victims than generally acknowledged) would be infuriated at false accusers who abuse the system as tools of revenge and gaining legal advantage in various ways. I wonder why they so rarely are willing to say much about it in more than vague generalizations? And speaking of sexual assault, not to mention non-sexual assault, to our shock, there was recently an article in the Daily Mail that almost looks like it just might indicate that the mainstream press is getting a clue on what reality looks like. As I live and breathe, are bits of the Red Pill slowly leaking out into the atmosphere?

Also, has someone been reading Robert St. Estephe’s “Unknown History of Misandry” series? A newspaper has published some little-known history. Doubtless some fool somewhere will think by linking that that we think women shouldn’t have the vote, rather than the real reason it’s interesting: the picture of history we get is often ridiculously slanted toward the “male brute/brave female victim” narrative that condescends to women and demonizes men. The real history is almost always more interesting and less simple than that.

Oh, and as a “known hate site” we have received an ultimatum from Loy Finley. Actually it looks like we got two, but one of them disappeared. Oh it’s such a nice web site we have here, it would be such a shame if something were to “happen” to it. Tremble in fear of the Loy 9000!

OK that’s it for this week. I’m going to do my best to come back to writing our Monday Roundups every week again from now on. I hope you enjoyed this one, it should give you hours of worthwhile reading, watching, and listening. Git along doggies, and enjoy!

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