Monday Roundup for 10 June 2013

Have a good weekend? Hope so. Whether you did or not, here’s some great stuff you may have missed.
I’m going to go a little out of bounds here and note a story you may have missed more than a week ago. I think it got buried in a flurry of other stories and I missed it in my last roundup, which is a shame because it’s a terrific thing: Tell us your story in your own voice. We think this is a powerful thing, especially because a lot of men are deeply uncomfortable verbalizing their own pain, but find writing an easier way to share their stories.
Indeed, in the latest episode of Domestic Violence Revelations with Erin Pizzey, after the show Erin and I realized that many men may be uncomfortable calling and talking about their experiences. Although a number of men have called in to talk to Erin about what they’ve gone through in every episode of our show on domestic abuse, we know that psychologically some men have serious trouble talking about painful things and would prefer to write. A question: would anyone be interested in writing their stories of abuse and their questions to Erin, instead of calling, either because you can’t make the scheduled showtime or because you just aren’t comfortable on the phone? We may need to create an email address for that very purpose.
Facebook has allowed itself to become the world’s biggest censor when it comes to sexual politics and ideology. There’s so much to talk about Facebook’s attrocious behavior, and so much dirtiness we’ve uncovered, and so much to embarrass Mark Zuckerburg, WAM, and other with, I can’t possibly do it justice in an update, so I’m just gonna say, read this and this and this and this and this and this and finally, for at least one laugh, this. And then contemplate how freedoms sometimes aren’t stripped, they’re just slowly eroded. Do something about it, fight back! There’s numerous ideas on how to do so in those links, so get going!
Dudes! Check it out! There’s a cool new TV network just for girls! Wow! Modern girls are so disadvantaged, what could help them more than their very own TV network? Now in a sane world, TV networks aimed at young boys or young girls wouldn’t be necessarily a bad thing but Patrice Stanton has a rather dim view of SheZow.
Hey, YouTuber Razorbladekandy finally found the Emperor of the Black People. I was always wondering where to find him. Although Jose Fraser is rather disdainful of His Imperial Majesty, impertinent cur that he is, and has the audacity to respond with a Tommy Sotomayor video. Two weeks in the Tower of London for him!
Now, with all that humor–and there’s been plenty to laugh about–I have to say that on a personal level the story that made me angry and prone to cry this last week was the inconvenient truth about manning up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen child abuse taken to such a frightening level; a publicity campaign that goes right to abusing boys as its primary tool to spread a hateful lie. Can you get more disgusting? Watch the front page of A Voice for Men in the next week or so for more on these disgusting ideologues and their hateful child-abusing publicity campaign.
Speaking of women in media: have you checked out our recent interviews with Dr. Tara Palmatier and Karen Straughan? Well what’s stopping you? Methinks if you put those ladies in charge of SheZow you might actually have a network worth having your daughters watch, although a few delicate flower moms might get their petals singed.
The Husband Murdering Club: it’s a cultural institution with a very old pedigree, as Robert St. Estephe demonstrates in his latest installment of documented history they almost never teach you in school. Robert’s a scholar who in a sane world would be a tenured history professor at an Ivy League university by now.
Retired cop and private investigator Michael Conzachi is not particularly impressed with recent stories of rapey rapiness all over the US military. If you know someone in uniform, maybe you want to steer them toward this article. Just tell them to be careful who they allow to see them reading it.
By the way, I mentioned this once before but I just wanted to mention again that Charles Coughlin… I mean, PZ Myers likes to tell rape jokes. The guy’s a never-ending inspiration isn’t he?
Did you know the sky is blue? Hey, the sky is blue. No really, it’s blue. For some reason it annoys people when you say this. As odd as it sounds, apparently you can spend your entire life telling people the sky’s blue, and they won’t know what you’re talking about. Although I’m starting to wonder: is it starting to become more politically acceptable to say that it’s blue?
Glen Poole returned to tell us an amusing story about male feminists on Twitter. I notice that the slippery Poole, however, conspicuously denies eating cats, only denies killing them. What are you hiding Mr. Poole, hmmm?
In case you hadn’t ever realized it, the Duluth Model of Domestic Violence isn’t just broken, it creates more victims of violence. Oh, and while we’re busy killing sacred cows, Peter Lloyd joins in and notes that it’s time for women to face the music on rape liars. I’d also like more of them to face the music on female rapists, but “baby steps, baby steps” as they say.
AVfM also welcomes new contributor JD Fraser to our pages. His first article will startle you, as he directly compares one government experiment on black men with another… and finds the more modern “enlightened” experiment far more damaging. I’ve had a few talks with Jose and he has a hell of a lot more to say on this and related subjects that certain gender ideologues are not going to like one bit.
After you scrub the evil from your brain from reading about that, you may need something to cheer you up. I know I did. Here’s a few that may help:
The ages of heroes does not appear to be over. It’s a lengthy video but worth your time if you want to realize that things can and do change. Also, Diana Davison shows that feminists even fuck up fucking, in one of the funniest skewerings of idiotic ideology you’ll read this year.
For some interesting news on other sites, here’s a few tidbits: Divorced dads get a gift from fired up moms, a German man may be vindicated on what he says were false charges, but Australian Prime Minister is planning a shamelessly bigoted gynocentric campaign for the next elections. Well there’s always a mix of good and bad news. Let’s keep fighting the good fight and keep our sense of humor as best we can, eh?
See you in 7!

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