Monday Morning Roundup

Fresh from the hunt and color me Mauve
Enjoy this titbit there’s more on the stove.
To the bigots and violent whose work I decry
I’m coming for you, and now I must fly.

Welcome back fro the weekend. You missed some interesting stuff if you’re just joining us from this weekend.
A number of amateur and well-paid professional liars (who profit greatly from their lies) are claiming that Paul Elam recently “doxxed” (i.e. revealed the confidential personal information) of a Toronto college student. This is a lie of course. But what did happen this weekend is that a bigot who publicly posted her own name and photo bragging about her censorship and hatred of men was pointed out by Agent Mauve, who brings an intense dislike for the behavior of gender ideologues and some serious social network research skills. Says Mauve, “I want to be the Simon Wiesenthal of the MRM.” Mauve, working with Paul Elam, merely brought to our attention another of the recent bigots who slandered Warren Farrell, practiced censorship by tearing down posters and encouraging others to do the same, and violently blockaded and verbally assaulted anyone who tried to hear Dr. Farrell speak. The first such hatemongering bigot who publicly identified herself while spouting her hatred and aggressive ignorance was Danielle Sandhu, whose Stalinist tactics we pointed out a couple of weeks ago. The next bigot to publicly out herself, publicly bragging (with her own name and face) about tearing down posters, encouraging others to tear them down, threatened to attend events to disrupt them, and bragged proudly about having a “legacy” of being part of the violent thuggery against Dr. Farrell, was Emma Claire, who we profile right here, thanks to the work of Agent Mauve.
Predictably, we are accused of somehow defaming or slandering her, as well as unveiling her confidential information. How exactly you defame someone by quoting their exact words in full context, or “reveal” the “confidential” information of someone’s public Twitter account with their own name and face is yet to be explained by any critics. Also, how there is anything inaccurate in our reporting is also yet to be explained by critics. Other than spouting insults, neither the critics, the professional liars, nor Emma Claire has given any other public statement, although Emma Claire herself remains welcome to do so if she wishes. In any case we stand by our reporting, and intend to report more on the activities of vicious, violent, hatemongering thugs who violate Human Rights Codes, the Criminal Code of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Canada (and who break the laws and violate fundamental human rights elswhere).
For more on why we are no longer standing silent and why we are identifying violent hatemongering bigots, see also Paul Elam’s Yanking Off The Hood.
In When I think about you I cut myself, Casimir Strasdauskas writes of personal pain and anguish. If this were a woman writing these same words, the pity would pour in from all corners. When a man does it, we expect him to be pilloried as a dangerous creepy weirdo. That’s misandric culture for you. But not here. Thanks to Casimir for the bravery of sharing his pain, and we hope it helps him heal his wounds, physical and mental.
British MRA Mike Buchanan wrote an interesting piece on how to get practical when fighting against gender ideologues. The short take: arguing with them has proven futile for decades. Time to get practical, narrow down to specifics, and to start naming and shaming the bigots. Hard to argue with that.
Typhon Blue graced us recently with a reprint of an article that’s caused quite a stir on other web sites (like The Moderate Voice and The Good Men Project). Her crime? Looking hard at the statistics on sexual violence by women and how they’re skewed badly to make more men look guilty and more women look innocent. With of course, facts and references, which some parties have claimed are somehow warped or distorted but none have yet explained how with any specifics. That’s pretty hard to do when someone’s got rock solid references and, y’know, can do basic math.
Dr. Elly Tams also graced our pages again recently with a look at some more odious man-hating tripe from Suzanne Moore of The Guardian. Not to be missed. If Not All Feminists Are Like That, why aren’t they decrying this woman?
Jim Muldoon from Down Under also brought us an excellent expose of an Italian man brutalized by the Australian family court system and a complicit media. Not to be missed.
There’s more of course. There’s always more. Scroll down the front page, and also be sure to check out some of the neat stuff in our video section.
And by the way, a teaser: an exclusive interview with Domestic Violence icon Erin Pizzey is on its way, and she may be gracing our pages with an article or two. Stay tuned, and Happy Monday!

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