Monday Morning Roundup

We know most of you start creeping away on Friday afternoon and we don’t see you again until Monday, and sometimes even during the week you don’t catch everything, so he’s some interesting things you may have missed from the last week:

As one of those people who puts the “Activism” into “Men’s Right Activist,” Aimee McGee has a report on extensive activities undertaken by herself and John C Forth to contact numerous political candidates in the United Kingdom on behalf of men and boys. See Polling British candidates on men’s behalf for more.

Editor-in-Chief John the Other notes a column by a narcissistic and silly person who tries to make us imagine what reproduction would be like if men had it a certain way… and she misses the obvious fact that she has described pretty close to exactly what it actually is like today for men. Don’t miss Are all feminists Morans? (No, that is not a mis-spelling.)

In Size matters, but not just for men, Peter Lloyd notes one of the most appalling and cruel double standards men and boys are faced with around the world that we rarely or never tolerate when it comes to women.

A Voice for Men radio debuted a brand new show in its lineup on Wednesday with Tales from the Infrared: Geek Culture from a Red Pill Perspective, which is meant to be a lighthearted and fun show that, while it still goes into some heavy areas, strives hard to be a break from the siege of cultural misandry–and to insinuate the Red Pill into modern Geek Culture. The announcement includes links on every story or item covered in the episode.

While very few Men’s Rights Advocates and Activists would deny that women should have the right to vote (and the AVfM editorial staff certainly takes no such stance), there is an astounding level of mythology surrounding the fight to give women the vote in the 19th and early 20th Century; that fight, and its advocates, were not always the righteous angels of perfection they are often portrayed as. Don’t miss Pankhurst: The white feather betrayal of history by Andy Man.

Our Thursday night episode of A Voice for Men Radio hosted by John the Other, Girl Writes What, and Typhon Blue took on the issue of reproductive rights for men in a no-holds-barred manner, and we were surprised at the size of our audience and the response to that episode, including our first call from a young person, a 13 year old boy. Is there some reason to suspect we’re a growing movement attracting more and more young people to a cause they find relevant?

AVFM website age demographics, per

With the younger crowd coming on, it is a good thing that sexual savant Raven Moon Dragon offers some dating advice for the uninitiated.

American Men’s advocates have been watching in dismay over the last year as Australians, Canadians, and UK citizens  lead the way in papering the world with the MRM message. Now Chicago has been added to the list of American cities spreading the word, joining Seattle.

Those egalitarian, Kumbayah singing peaceniks, also known as feminists, are at it again up in Canada, this time at the University of Toronto, where they actually stopped singing Kumbayah and starting singing Let’s Get Physical to Toronto Police because they did not want anyone to be allowed access to listen to a lecture being delivered by Warren Farrell.

Whassup with Canada these days? It used to be a peaceful country till the feminists started stinking the place up. Paul Elam was inspired to give his take on the illustrious history of feminist violence.

In better news, the Monday Morning Roundup will be the first, but not by any means the last place that readers here will learn of the new website, A Voice for Boys. Other than having a really great name, this website, which is “dedicated to educating, empowering, building self-esteem and confidence in boys aged 13 to 20, as well as offering help and support to them if they need it,” is a badly needed addition to what is happening online in the world of men and boys. AVfM stands ready to help them promote and further their mission in any way we can.

Finally, today, November 19, 2012 is International Men’s Day. We urge all men and women to celebrate today by taking a moment to observe the work of those doing advocacy on  behalf of men and boys, and to take another moment give the raspberry to those getting in the way.

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