MASH 4077’s Earl Silverman kicks butt PrimeTime!

We normally try to say more in a front page article or on rare exceptions put up an exceptional video but I can do neither here, so, just go here and watch Earl Silverman talk, and say thank you to the people at Alberta Prime Time for having this segment and not insisting on phoney baloney “balance” and instead just taking this shit seriously and letting Earl talk. That doesn’t happen nearly often enough.

The lawyer’s an evasive slippery fuck weasel who’s completely out of touch with reality but hey, at least he wasn’t nasty.

What are you waiting for? Click here and watch. Then make sure to go to Alberta PrimeTime’s Facebook page and look for the “Do you think there are sufficient resources available for male victims of family violence?” thread and put your two cents in. Be polite about it, please.

And then go check out Family of Men. Tell Earl we sent you.

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