Injustice in Delaware – Part V

In the first article in the series Injustice in Delaware, Paul Elam asked if in Delaware they were a little slow or a little malicious. They must be a little slow. The powers that be can’t reasonably have such malice for  Gordon Smith that they would jeopardize the safety of his two small children. Can they?

Tiffany Marie Smith cut herself with a knife, or had someone cut her, and laid in a ditch. She faked a supposedly brutal assault. She was injured and suffered pain and disfigurement at her own hand. When Tiffany Smith was in the Emergency Room giving a false statement to Delaware State Police, they knew it was a false report because Mr. Smith was on GPS miles away from her faked attack. Why didn’t they have her sent to the psych ward for a 72 hour commitment? If cutting yourself to frame someone isn’t the definition of “danger to yourself and others” what is? The state police let her go home to the children and apparently took no further action to report to the Department of Services to Children Youth and Families (DSCYS) that the children are in the custody of a seriously mentally unstable woman and should be removed. Calls have already been made to the Department of Services to Children Youth and Families, and they insist they will not act unless police ask them to intervene.  The police in the meantime have the power tget the children removed, they can even do it themselves, at any time, as law enforcement officers, yet they refuse to act, with the excuse that there’s no “proof” that the children are in any danger–danger from a psychotic who will injure herself just to make false allegations.

Noted psychologist Dr. Tara Palmatier wrote:
Tiffany Smith fits the profile for the kind of high-conflict false accuser who may very well do harm to their children. I also hope that the DA gives her the maximum sentence.

Tiffany Smith escalated her false reports from mere lies to faking blocked calls, to fabricating phony threatening letters, to faking a physical assault. Psychologist call this “decompensating.” She still has not been charged for any of these crimes, only of her most recent ones. Nevertheless, after recently being charged, Tiffany Marie Smith’s mental condition was obviously worsening to the point where she became dangerously unstable.

Even after being arrested on a felony and three serious misdemeanors, she was released essentially without bail; she was charged with $5,000 “unsecured” bail, which means neither she nor anyone else had to actually put up any money, she’ll just owe money if she doesn’t show up for her scheduled court date in October (which her attorney can likely get a continuance on). As of this writing, Tiffany Marie Smith is now at large. She has apparently quit her job and police cannot find her at her residence and no one who knows her will say where she is. Neither police nor anyone else have been able to locate her.

false accuser
Tiffany Marie Smith, current whereabouts unknown

The children’s father, Gordon, has now been back to family court twice, including on an emergency motion, and had authorities and judges routinely put off doing anything, opting for later hearings and continuances; the situation was not, and is still not, deemed an “emergency.” As of this writing, Gordon still not has even seen his children, despite multiple efforts to establish contact. When will it be an emergency for Delaware authorities? When Ms. Smith straps the children in the car and drives into a lake, or kidnaps them to hide in another state? If the Commissioner didn’t see fit to give the children to their father why didn’t he order that they be removed to DSCYF custody for their own safety? Why have the police, the family court and DSCYF not done something to protect these children who at ages five and six are too young to protect themselves? Do we have to wait and see if this dangerously unstable woman who injured herself injures her children or worse?  Yes, in Delaware they must just be a little slow.  They can’t just be malicious, sexist, and incompetent can they?

Beau Biden, do you even know how to run an Attorney General’s office?

For previous updates on criminal rampage of Tiffany Marie Smith and her victimization of her former husband Gordon Smith and his children, read Injustice In Delaware Part I, Part II, Part III, and Part IV if you missed them. See also Open Letter to Delaware State Police, and State Attorney General’s Office by John The Other and Nurdy Dancing, Cop 101 Lessons for Delaware State Police by Dean Esmay, and Tiffany Marie Smith Behind Bars by Paul Elam, John the Other, and Nurdy Dancing to review the story so far on the criminal rampage of Tiffany Marie Smith and the irresponsible behavior of Delaware authorities, who finally only recently took action, and since then have reverted to a state of utter inaction.

A note to MRAs. Gordon Smith is not just another blue pill man in trouble. He is one of us. He is also one of the founders of FLAIR and has worked diligently to reform family law as well as being an activist supporting reform to VAWA. He has a legal defense fund to acquire counsel for his upcoming trial, since at this point all the police action against him has destroyed his professional life and drained him financially. If you can, please drop something into his fund so that he has a chance at qualified representation for his continuing legal battles to see his children, see Tiffany Marie Smith fully answer for her crimes, and recover from his devastating financial losses. Give here.

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