Heads up for Toronto

Greetings to my friends in the men’s rights movement. As we approach the CAFE presentation of Dr Miles Groth on Friday, and the Saturday Toronto Men’s Rights rally a few thoughts have crossed my mind, which I will now share with all of you.

As you are all aware, each of the CAFE presentations over the last 2 years, featuring the speakers Dr Warren Farrell, Dr Janice Fiamengo, Dr’s Nathanson and Young – each of these events have been attended by protesters from the feminist and socialist camps of the U of T Student’s Union, Communist Collectives, radical students organizations and others of similar violent demeanor. The “protesters” have established a persistent pattern of violence, censorship, threats of assault, as well as direct violence against both conference attendees and Toronto’s police force.

Approaching the upcoming presentation by Dr Groth and the Saturday rally, I will share a few imperatives with all of you.

All of this should already be understood, but I’ll say it all again anyway.

Number 1

Do not, under any circumstance use violence or the threat of violence, or violent rhetoric at, near, around, or in relation to the upcoming events.

ANYBODY advocating, initiating, or participating in violence with be video-recorded and doxed, and we will ( JtO (John Hembling), Paul Elam, Karen Straughan, James Huff, Suzanne McCarley, Allison Tieman, Dan Perrins, Dean Esmay, Fidelbogen, Diana Davison ) all of us, hand you on a platter, with a pink ribbon tied around your balls, to the Toronto Municipal Police should you decide to participate in violence of any kind.

Your affiliation with the men’s movement, or the MHRM will earn you no quarter, reprieve or forgiveness. We will not tolerate violence or violent rhetoric from anyone, friend or foe.

Number 2 

Sexist, racist, bigoted and otherwise hateful rhetoric will not be tolerated, either.

We will be recording, and if you don’t like this, or can’t handle it, stay at home.

To be clear, if you are assaulted at either of these events, or leading up to these events, DO. NOT. RESPOND. WITH. VIOLENCE. Simply leave. If you find yourself assaulted, and you can’t leave, lie down on the ground, curl into a protective position and protect your head and neck with your arms.

We will be recording, and you will be the star.

Now, take a deep breath and let the previous paragraph sink in. I am telling you, that if you are assaulted by feminists or other protesters at or around the upcoming events – you must either remove yourself or endure it while protecting your vital parts without fighting back.

Do you have a moral right to defend yourself? Certainly. But don’t do it, because you will undermine the work of this human rights movement by asserting that right.


One other thing, anyone who’d like to pose as an MHRA and attempt to initiate violence against feminists, or against us, we will have you on video, and hand your sorry ass to the police, too.

Thank you all for your kind attention, and have a lovely day.

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