Harriet Harman: hatred and lies from the top down

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the U.S., bigotry taking the form of racism led to the formation of a supremacist organizations which gained fame by regularly gathering members of communities for the purpose of murdering americans under cover of night. This collection of organizations is now called the Ku Klux Klan.

However, this discussion is not limited to the United States.

World wide, bigotry towards other demographics has also led to various mass killings in recent history, including as recently as the Kosovo war in which an estimated 12,000 civilians were killed. Sometimes journalists refer to instances of mass killing as genocide, other times as “crimes against humanity.” Wars are sometimes fought over territory, sometimes over whose bronze age ancestors were wrong about the creator of the universe, sometimes fought over resources. However, to render the murder of a population palatable, it is necessary to cultivate hatred, and to dehumanize them. To cultivate bigotry. This is why the category of Bigot exists as an offence on the web-site register-her.com.

Is there anything more corrosive to a civil society than pervasive bigotry? The answer agreed on by Myself and Paul Elam is corruption in public officials. Public officials either reflect the ethical standards of a society or they undermine them. They either further a better society, based on the collective ideals of the people, or they abandon those very ideals in the pursuit of power or popularity or both.

It is not naive idealism to credit official titles such as “the right Honourable” with any reflection of honour, but a recognition that a society reflects itself in it’s elected and appointed officials.

When a public official is obviously corrupt, this too reflects and shapes the culture that official represents. This is why Register-Her.com includes the category of offense of Corrupt Public Official. It is also why the corrupt bigot holding the public office of Member of Parliament for Peckham, London is now listed in the category of Corrupt Public Official. The Harriet Harman profile is available for viewing now.


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