FBI advisory board approves new definition of rape


Washington, Dec. 10 2011 (AVfM News) On Tuesday, November 6th the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Advisory Board unanimously voted to submit an updated definition of Rape  for final approval to FBI director Robert Muller. It is expected that he will approve the new definition.

This comes after over a year of activism by feminist groups who stand to benefit financial by the the broadened definition of rape which is now to include the “inability to give consent.” This is a gray area that many legal scholars argue could classify some instances which are actually not rape to be considered as such, particularly in the case of alcohol consumption.

“This new definition will mean that, at long last, we will begin to see the full scope of this horrific violence, and that understanding will carry through to increased attention and resources for prevention and action” said Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, one of the many organizations who lobbied to expand the definition of rape. The Feminist Majority Foundation is known for its avocation of including within the definition of rape; sex while the female is under the influence of alcohol.

If the new definition of rape is approved for reporting purposes by Muller then more money and resources will flow into the hands of advocacy organizations like the FMF and others who have dominated the entire public discourse concerning sexual assault.













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