Burn your uniforms, move to Brazil.

The following is a public service announcement, to help feminists. Really.
So, two guys at a tech conference make jokes about a funny-sounding word. Dongle. They also toss in some off colour puns using the technical jargon “fork”. For non-techies, this term refers to the creation of more than one version of the source-code of a software application. These words lend themselves readily to such low comedy, and in the culture of technology geeks, this is perfectly normal, acceptable and expected behavior.
Does this seem childish? Does it seem unprofessional for the practitioners of the serious business of software development to indulge in?
The people who do the truly innovative and world-changing work in any field do so by playing. In the world of software, the basic building blocks are the syntax of any of dozens of languages. Perl, Java, C, and PHP are the name of a few of these languages, all of which are considered “high level” – which means they are closer to english than they are to the elemental ones and zeros processed down at the hardware level of a computer.
Software developers are good at what they do because they like to play with language. The imposition of speech codes with a heavy-handed interpretation towards preventing hurt feelings, at a conference designed for coders betrays bureaucratic mind-set fundamentally foreign to, and unfamiliar with the culture.
In fact, the interpretation of the spinning puns from the words “dongle” and “fork” as sexual hostility demonstrates flagrant ignorance and incompetence in such a culture. But it might not have been incompetence, it might have simply been the willful self-selection as victim for malicious purpose by Adria Richards. At the very least, her reaction to photograph the two jokers, to eject them from the conference, and to publicly excoriate them on the asinine basis of a threat narrative makes Richards an emotionally stunted asshole.
Having said that, I don’t think she should have been fired from her own job, just as I don’t think either of the two dongle-jokers should have been fired either.
In a healthy society, she would have not taken offence. Why not? Because while “dongle” and “fork” are both flaccid puns, they just aren’t very offensive. Even positing her immaturity and feminist-acculturated inability to cope with overheard bad puns, neither of the two bad punsters would have been fired in a healthy culture.
So why was one of them fired from his job? Was it because while attending a conference, presumably on the dime of his employer, he created a sexually hostile environment for Adria Richards and other female conference attendees? No, of course not, because he did no such thing. In fact, anyone claiming he did is a cretinous dolt and a liar. Was he fired because he violated the conference rules about sexually charged speech? Even if we believe he violated such a rule, no, that’s not why he was fired. He was fired because his employers fear feminists. I’ll say that again.
He was fired because his employers fear feminists.
In fact, the expedient disposal of a man due to the potential of cultivated and frivolous outrage from the feminist establishment is what has become in the last 30 years, standard operating procedure.
As the story unfolded and it became public knowledge that this man had been fired for the utterance of a totally harmless dongle pun, nobody was surprised, because this casual disposal of a man is normal in our feminized culture. It was just one more point of data on a decades long trend of human damage in appeasement to our culture’s prevailing ideology of gender.
A woman claims to feel threatened, and a man is forcibly removed from his home. A female student claims rape and in a collegial court of kangaroos, run by students, a male student’s academic career is ended with no inquiry or due process. A man refuses sex and in a fit of pique the rejected woman claims sexual assault, and like lemmings, the nearest compliant males spring into action to deliver violent retribution against the offending male animal. Careers ended, families destroyed, fathers ripped from their children, homes stolen through the fiat of a feminist informed legal system.
This is the story of the casual disposal of men so common it no longer provokes in most a justified outrage. It’s business as usual.
Something quite unusual happened in the instance of the dongle-gate story, however. The firing of a man for the Adria Richards frivolous false threat narrative provoked a response. I have purposefully omitted his name from this discussion. But when it became public knowledge that he’d been fired, a backlash followed against the employer of Adria Richards. In response, and out of the same type of craven fear driving the male dongle-joker firing, Adria Richards was dismissed from her job too.
Many within the Men’s Human Rights Movement responded with barely repressed glee at the news of Adria Richards firing. Her behavior, that of publicly throwing two men under the bus of the feminist false outrage and threat narrative machine, was douche-baggery of the first order. But it did not merit her firing. Similarly, the man fired for his dongle jokes shouldn’t have been fired. As much attention as each of these individuals has received, dongle-gate is not really about Adria Richards or the fired dongle-joker.
Dongle-gate is really about business as usual. The casual disposal of men in appeasement of a cultivated threat narrative, and calculated feminist outrage. The backlash against Adria Richards and her employer is also not really about her. It’s about business as usual, the casual destruction of men in appeasement of feminism’s cultivated narrative.
Even AVfM ran an article responding to the firing of Adria Richards, which concluded with “ L. O. Fucking L”. This wasn’t really about Adria Richards, either. The unjust, cruel, often sadistic and hate-driven casual destruction of men and boys in response to a trivial misstep by a man, or even an imaginary grievance, has been business as usual for decades. Think Clarence Thomas, and the countless others who have been dongled since. Often such destruction is accompanied by public gloating and laughter by gender ideologues.
Our culture’s now mainstream ideology of gender has much willful and sadistic human damage to answer for.
And let’s not forget, it was not offence at a dongle-pun that got the dongle-punner fired. It was fear of the feminist establishment. The follow-up backlash against the former employers of Adria Richards wasn’t really about her at all. It was a tiny venting of our culture’s anger, recognizing the decades of human damage dealt in smug satisfaction by the last 2 generations of feminist ideologues and activists.
Some observers of this event have correctly noted that this is one of the first times the feminist fear machine has been spontaneously and loudly opposed. The immediate and real consequence to Adria Richards of her own douchebaggery indicates an awakening of the public to the reality of the malice and stupidity of the now-normal public feminist ethos.
I think this reading is incorrect.
I suspect that no awakening was ever needed. The backlash against Adria Richards and her now former employer is something more elemental than enlightened awareness of feminism’s basic malice. Recall, the firing of dongle-joker was not due to his bad behaviour, but due to fear of the feminist establishment.
What we all just witnessed in the backlash against Adria Richards was the loss of patience. The end of forbearance with our culture’s gender-religion of false victimhood and hate. I suspect that the vitriol heaped on Adria Richards and her former employer is just a prelude. I believe such events as the backlash against dongle-gate will recur, with an increasing flavor of justified rage at the decades-old practice of business-as-usual. It is driven by the casual destruction of men and boys; the mocking indifference to male suicide, male victimizing violence, and death; and the televised mocking of a man sexually mutilated for stating his desire for divorce.
What may be coming is not an awakening to the reality of feminism’s fundamental hatred and violence, but the end of forbearance to what has been known all along. And it is likely to be very ugly indeed.
So, here is my sincere advice to feminists. Burn your uniforms, change your names, and move to Brazil.
Of course, I don’t expect this advice to be taken seriously, even as I offer it as sincere advice driven by a real desire to prevent the personal destruction of the lives, families and careers of individuals who have flown the big-F banner with smug glee.
I expect this advice to be ignored at best. I expect it to be mocked. Feminists, I have come to expect, are too stupid to do anything except dial their own rhetoric up. The cultivated false threat narrative used to justify every large scale horror in history will be amplified, and feminists will singularly fail to do the one thing they should. They will not apologize for the continued carnage they cultivate, and they will not abandon the cult of gender ideology and all its hate and violence by proxy. They will likely dial their hate, their cultivated victimhood, and their aggression up to the red line.
And in every social institution that does not collapse under the weight of denied reality and self cannibalizing absurdity, they will be scourged from every social policy and establishment. It’s going to be brutal and ugly.
And I’ll say : I told you so.

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