B-mod at University of Toronto taking effect

University of Toronto Feminists Prove behavior modification still A trusty learning tool

As John the Other has just posted to this website, it appears that we have seen a historical first at the University of Toronto. Feminists were caught, in their natural environment, demonstrating that they had learned from experience.
As though that were not enough to knock the wind out of you, consider the implications of a world where feminists feel the need to cover their faces and hide during the simple act of expressing their views.
I never liked B. F. Skinner as much as I like him today.
It is Saturday, and we are actually trying to relax around here for just a bit after all the activity,  but I thought I would share with you just a little FTSU before and after, for kicks.
University of Toronto 1


University of Toronto 2


University of Toronto 3


To get the full impact of this last one, you need to see the feminist’s image in its full glory. Read her sign all the way to the bottom and then consider that she told the photographer that she did not want her whole face in the image.

University of Toronto 4
Click through for full badass feminist image. It’s badass!!

See the story here.
Oh yes, badass indeed. Mucho grande badass, as we who speak muy malo Spanish will often say.
Now, in closing I do feel compelled to point out that we may have a case here of spontaneous over conditioning. As anyone who has followed our activism on the University of Toronto Student Union protest from last November is aware, the only people we covered on this website were those who had been caught in acts of violence and harassment. We never wrote a word about anyone participating peacefully in the protest, as that is their freedom of speech on which we would never intrude.
It must be a combination of consciousness of guilt, and the ever dominant victim narrative in the feminist subculture. The team of behavioral specialists at AVFM will now have to set about creating other behavioral programs in order to get these individuals properly trained.
We will start with a simple message. Exercise your freedom of speech all you want. We will not get out the spray bottle. Step on our right to speak and it’s squirt, squirt, squirt.
We will repeat this in word and action as much as is necessary in the future to get the training complete.

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