AVfM-Radio: What’s in it for women?

If you ask an opponent of the men’s rights movement, or a gender ideologue – what’s on offer to women from Men’s Rights Activists, the answer is predictable. A return to back-to-the-kitchen, or the right to beat your wife, or subservience – or simply hatred. And as predictable and monotonous as this answer is – its also stupid, so stupid that adults repeating it really should feel shame that thier faculties of reason are so bent and broken.

But what if you go to the source, and ask a Man’s Rights Activist what the MRM offers women?

It might be that the real answer is what feminism has always promised, but never ever had the intention of delivering.

Equality, the real thing, legal and social. This is the real -no-kidding deliverable for women from the “So-Called-Men’s-Rights-Movement”.

And if you don’t believe it, just ask any of the adult, self actualized and highly respected women in this movement, starting with TyphonBlue and GirlWritesWhat, along with AVFM-Radio’s token white man, Johntheother.

Call in and ask, Thursday night : 310-388-9709

What the Men’s Rights Movement Offers Women

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