AVFM News week in review Sept. 26-Oct. 3, 2013

Definitely a week to remember for the MHRM!

Without a doubt, the two biggest stories were the Dr. Miles Groth lecture and the subsequent MHRM rally both taking place in Toronto last weekend.  This was an historic time for our movement and will be remembered as a turning point.


Item: USA Today covers the Miles Groth event at the U of T.

USA Today publishes a piece written by Monica Vendituoli, who does a good job of covering the event and the views of Dr. Groth.  However, she cant seem to resist the temptation of making the Men’s Issues subject……well……kind of rapey.

Item: Canada’s National Post weighs in on the Men’s Groups on campus

The National Post foils all other biased reporting as usual.

Item: Massive gender gap exists online says the U.N. OH MY GOD WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?

The United Nations spends lots of money and time trying to figure out just who is using the internet and finds, surprise surprise, that more men than women use the internet.  Of course, they interpret this as a major gender inequality and do not even consider that men use tools like jackhammers, pole straps, weapons, plows and the internet to provide for and protect women who don’t like doing such things for themselves very much.  You would think that performing a study on the death gap in the workplace and in war would pique the U.N.’s interest but it doesn’t.

Item: Boy suspended after using finger as pretend gun

As I said last week, it just keeps getting better and better.

Item: 28 year old man in jail for having sex with his 21 year old stepdaughter

Yes, according to W Va. law, of all places, having sex with someone you are not genetically related to is incest. Both are charged. But who is in in jail on $70,000 bail?  The man of course. Wonder how both trials will turn out.

Item: Ousted Australian PM Gillard divulges her “murderous rage” at Tony Abbot

In a packed hall at Sydney’s Opera House Gillard talks about Tony Abbot’s charge of sexism made her so angry she wanted to cry.

Item: Newly revealed brief discusses Gillard’s rather cynical policy, that didn’t work by the way, to hold on to her job. 

Hmmm, there seems to be a disconnect here.



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