AVFM News week in review – 19-Aug-2013

Welcome to our first edition of AVfM News Week In Review.

From now on every week the AVFM News Department will be publishing a review of the week’s top news stories titled “News Week In Review.”  It will simply highlight the news stories that we feel are the most pertinent to men’s rights and our movement.  If readers ever want to submit a story to AVFM News for consideration please contact us at avfmnews@avoiceformen.com, and of course you may always leave comments here to add other stories you think would be of interest to your fellow Men’s Human Rights Activists.

Item:  Men’s rights conference in India

Our friends in India held their fifth annual meet in Nagpur this past weekend with over 100 prominent activists attending.  It was followed on Twitter and Facebook extensively and was reported to be a great success.

Item: Male students accused of rape and sexual harassment sue administrators

As expected, men who were unjustly accused of sexual misconduct are suing college administrators for their mistreatment justified by recently introduced policies from the DOJ and DOE. They claim sexual discrimination, but also as expected, feminist legal experts downplay their claims.

Item: Man in his 30’s convicted on criminal charge for staring at 55-year-old woman on a train

Yep you read that right.  A man in Italy who did not even lay a hand on anyone was given a suspended sentence for simply looking at a woman who was decades older than him.  Maybe she is suffering from wishful thinking.

Item: Teacher allegedly had sex with underage students for performing well at sports events 

Yes, she is just giving these young studs their due reward for performing well at athletic events.  Apparently she has a thing for basketball players.  She is also adamant that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Item: The Amazing Atheist becomes target of YouTube censorship

Yes, that’s right, just today the Amazing Atheist uploaded an “emergency video” calling for help in curbing the onslaught of censorship.  YouTube administrators have removed some of his most popular videos concerning Feminism and feminists, among other things.  Keep in mind that many of these vids had upwards of 600,000 views!  It seems that eloquence is what they are really scared of.

Item: Recent study: Men want women to split dating costs but are afraid to ask

The paper, which was presented at the American Sociological Association’s 108th Annual Meeting, is called “Who Pays for Dates? Following versus Challenging Conventional Gender Norms,” Gee I wonder why!  Could it be about shame?

Item: P Z Meyers Accuses Shermer of rape, Thunderf00t covers story with scathing logic

Another YouTube atheist famous for entering the fray about feminism, and specifically the Atheism +, weighs in on the controversy surrounding PZ Meyers accusation that Michael Shermer, founding publisher of Skeptic Magazine, is a serial rapist.  Definitely watch this one – it’s good!

Item: Woman who sent a man to jail for four years on a false rape claim gets two months jail time to be served on weekends

A woman, who at the age of 17, falsely accused a man of rape in order to get her parents off her back for being caught looking at online porn.  She waited four years before confessing and only gets a slap on the wrist.

Item: Founder of A Voice for Men has special edition of AVfM Radio.

Since starting in early 2011, A Voice for Men and its radio show have reached places many could not have imagined even 5 years ago. Don’t miss the recording of this special episode, it has some amazing stories from the past you may never have heard, and a breathtaking view of the future of the men’s movement.

Thanks for reading our first News week in review. See you next week!

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