A New Super Bowl Hoax that Eclipses the Last One in its Sheer Depravity

You know, I like to watch an occasional football game. This year I think I watched two but I have long been of the mind that in the end a hundred million Chinamen couldn’t give a damn. Consequently I have no personal stake in anyone winning or losing, or in the game itself. However, I just got one of my regular deliveries from the mail list of change.org – which I follow for examples of cultural misandry. In it I was sadly reminded that rabid sports fanatics, as irritating as I sometimes find them, are a minor diversion in life.

It is gender fanatics that I worry about, and they have just thrown a Hail Mary of misandry the likes of which I have not seen in quite some time.  I could say a thousand things about this, but I could not put it any better than Bernard Chapin does in his latest Inferno.  What I will say is that when people urge me to dialog more civilly with these people, this post is why I am so hesitant.  As Bernard says quite accurately in the video, these are “terrible, vile human beings.”

And they are.  They are not misguided, uninformed, overly indoctrinated or brainwashed.  Well, they may actually be one or more of these things, but they are also the worst kind of human trash possibly imaginable.  They are worthy of nothing but contempt and extreme condescension, and if anyone is expecting me to show them the civility that I would your average pedophile, please don’t hold your breath.  Misandric gender ideologues are worse than pedophiles. Unlike pedophiles, they are not satisfied with one victim at a time.  They want nothing less than to harm an entire society, its children be damned, and they are willing to tell any manner of lie; proffer any kind of distortion and exert any amount of corrupt pressure to satisfy their sinister goals. This message from Change.org is proof positive of that.

This vileness needs to stop, by any means necessary.

People can make of that whatever the hell they want. Right now I am past caring.

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