The Italian “Pink Mafia” Doesn’t Care About COVID-19

A few hours ago, Mrs. Elena Bonetti, Italian Minister for the Family and Equal Opportunities, announced the distribution of 30 million euros (more than 30 million US Dollars) to what are called “anti-violence centers for women” (ACW). Founded as a result of the Istanbul Convention, they recruit only women to give help and support only to women — presumed victims of domestic violence by men. No help is given to male victims.

In Italy there are 360 ACWs spread all over the country, acting under the legal form of “associations,” that, in Italy, means: no need to publish balance sheets or financial statements despite the huge amount of public money they receive (between 80 and 100 million euros per year).

ACWs also release periodical reports on the number of accesses they record: usually numbers consistent with a war. Judging by their stories, thousands of women every month are abused by tyrant-husbands or jailor fiancés, as every man (their ideological presupposition) is by nature a stalker and/or a violent oppressor. Their figures can’t be verified or challenged. When asked, ACWs managers claim they can’t be verified for privacy reasons.

Elena Bonetti

Critics refer to them as a “State in the State.” They hold financial and political power, close connections with international bodies, the media and many Italian politicians. Their network has been nicknamed by the resistant men’s movement “Ro$a No$tra”, a nod to the more familiar mafia vernacular “cosa nostra”, but meaning something like “pink mafia”.

ACWs are openly accused of being financially greased mechanisms geared to push charges against men, especially in case of separation, like factories manufacturing false allegations. Official, verified numbers from the Italian Ministry of Justice seem to back up the criticisms.  in the past ten years an average of 50.000 charges have been reported by women against men annually, with an average of 5.000 criminal convictions in the same period. This means 90% of charges ended up in nothing, most probably because false, specious or “silver bullet” accusations during a separation.

These enterprises will now receive 30 million euros from the Italian Government, while Italy is on its knees from the covid-19 pandemic. Thousands of people are dead and dying (80% of them men), hospitals with no personal protective equipment, families locked up in their houses with savings depleting, people severed from employment by companies, with an increase in suicide expected, and an economic recession that may hit the country very hard.

In this scenario the “pink mafia” has cried for an entire month about the torture of women locked up at home with their torturers. Media, politicians, opinion makers all chimed together in a choir that claimed that calls to ACWs had dropped 50% because women were trapped in close quarters with their abusers.

A long and hammering propaganda campaign spread everywhere against truth and logic. “Not a good sign” has been the mantra, a PR gimmick chanted whether calls to ACWs were decreasing, increasing or unchanged. “Not a good sign.” Never a good sign. And after the propaganda, of course, came the request: more money to face the emergency of women affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.

All of this is a gigantic lie started by Minister Elena Bonetti herself nearly one month ago. She penned the tune, the orchestra of pink business; hate men and grab political power. That’s the miserable symphony.

A few hours ago the glorious ending, called by the minister again: COVID-19 emergency in Italy, with its real and countable dead, doesn’t matter as much as the fabricated domestic violence emergency. This is how things work in a country where toxic, political feminism has been allowed to overflow.

Source: the italian blog “Stalker sarai tu

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