false rape

AVFM Exclusive: Documentation of Title IX complaint against Emerson College surfaces, questionable accusations abound

An anonymous source gives Robert O’Hara a copy of a controversial Title IX complaint. The lack of evidence and failed logic shock more than the accusations themselves. All of this in the middle of the biggest government fed rape hysteria ever staged in the media. The phrase: “war on women” will never mean the same after reading this.

Rape jokes of the 1980s

Feminists treat false rape allegations as not so big of an issue – they are jokes, really. Well, except for the men and families destroyed by these “jokes”, and the real victims of rape who lose traction in their wake. More enlightening history from Robert St. Estephe.

False rape accuser Mary Miller – 1896

Robert St. Estephe returns to the pages of A Voice for Men to remind us, as always, that there is nothing new under the sun. And that includes a type of crime that society is all to willing to ignore. This time, it is the case of Charles Atkinson, who was released from prison after he was cleared of a false allegation of rape by his step daughter, Mary Miller. [Illustration by Typhonblue]