False rape allegations finally getting some light

New figures coming out of England and Wales state that two people are being prosecuted per month for making false allegations of rape and wasting police time. It’s the first time these types of details have been compiled for England and Wales.
Two people being prosecuted per month for false rape allegations is quite significant, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) thinks otherwise. They have stated that the only thing that these figures show is:

“How unusual the problem is.”

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) looked at a total period of 17 months finding that in that time 35 people were charged for false rape allegations.
Keir Starmer QC, head of the CPS, called the cases:

“Serious but rare.”

It does not matter how “rare” it may or may not be. That is two lives permanently ruined per month, and that is two too many. When are people going to wake-up to the fact that women are accusing men of rape, knowing full well that the allegations are false and not giving a shit about the consequences the men will face because of these lies?
Some of the numbers coming out of England and Wales are:

  • Out of 159 suspected cases referred to the CPS, 35 ended in a prosecution.
  • Almost half of the accusers were aged under 21, some were under 16.
  • 92% of those prosecuted were women.
  • 98% of those accused of rape were men, and the majority were aged over 21.
  • 84% of those making false claims identified their “attacker”. One case saw a woman randomly accuse a man she saw on Facebook.
  • 18% of those making false claims had “a mental health problem”.

Jason, 21, was accused by his ex-girlfriend of raping her.
“It was devastating,” he told reporters.

“I was getting harassed outside of work, harassed in work, it’s just terrifying.”
“Someone approached me and told me to stay away from my ex or basically he’d come back and finish me off completely. He punched me twice in the face and once in the stomach.”

There are currently no laws in place which allow those accused of rape to remain anonymous, until they are found guilty, so anyone accused of rape has no right to anonymity or protection under the current law.
Support groups for men falsely accused of rape say the problem “doesn’t end when the accusation is proven untrue, as the claim remains on their criminal record until they apply to get it removed – which can take several months.”
The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) confirmed that “details of an accusation and the fact it was proven to be a lie, would remain on a police record for six years.”
However, they also say “it would not be revealed to anyone doing a background check.”
In the last 18 months, Nottinghamshire Police prosecuted two women successfully for making false rape allegations.
One of those successful prosecutions was Rosie Dodd, 20, who was sentenced to only two years after accusing three men of raping her. Police said she made the claim “because she was embarrassed she’d slept with all three of them in one night.”
Because of her bad judgment and feelings of embarrassment she decided it would be better to ruin the lives of three men instead of owning her actions? This type of behavior is deplorable, and any woman that falsely accuses a man of rape should be sentenced to a minimum of 10 years behind bars with no time off for good behavior. After all, men who are falsely accused are afforded no real justice or anonymity. He will live in absolute terror from the moment he is falsely accused and, if he is found innocent, he has to wait six years for the false accusation to be stricken from police records. So why does she only get 2 years for such a heinous crime? The justice system is indeed broken.
The question is: Why do some women falsely accuse men of rape? You’d have to be seriously disturbed to even contemplate ruining an innocent man’s life wouldn’t you?
The answer to the question is simple; women act like this is because they are constantly told that they are not responsible for their actions and treated like toddlers by society. They have learned that society puts women on pedestals and this has fostered an inability to own one’s own actions which has created an environment where women do not care who gets hurt by their actions. As long as they feel better, that’s all that matters.
These women not only devastate the lives of those men they falsely accuse, they also make it harder for women who really have been raped to be taken seriously.
Being given a sentence of only 2 years for falsely accusing three men of rape is atrocious and a complete miscarriage of justice.
I am however hopeful that these new numbers being released will be the wake-up call people need to finally realize that women are not always the poor helpless victims they pretend to be. That there are many women out there that wouldn’t even think twice about falsely accusing a man, or three, of rape to save face, feel better, or get revenge.
Remember, these are only numbers coming out of England and Wales, so who knows how many false rape accusations there are per year worldwide.
But no matter if it is one false accusation, or a thousand. These false allegations are completely devastating to the men that are wrongfully accused. Their lives are permanently ruined once a woman cries rape, and even one innocent life destroyed is one too many.

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