Open letter to Professor PZ Myers

Hello Professor Myers,

Obviously, you and I have disagreed on several topics in the past, and due to the disconnected nature of online discussion, these differences of opinion have never been satisfactorily addressed. There remains unanswered a friendly challenge from myself to you to address the substance of any of several hundred articles of my authorship which can be found on the web site

However, setting that aside, I am writing this in reference to your recent and humorous invitation to myself, to Paul Elam, and to the pick-up practitioner calling himself Roosh to attend the upcoming Women in Secularism conference in Washington DC.

I cannot speak on behalf of the individual calling himself Roosh, as “pick up culture” is not a topic I follow, however, the idea of high-profile Men’s Rights Activists attending the women in Secularism Conference is in fact, an excellent idea. However, the invitation should, I’m sure you agree, include high profile female MRAs as well as Paul and myself.

As I’m sure you are aware, when Paul Elam invited me to take over the weekly AVFM radio show, one of the first changes I made was the inclusion of a permanent female co-host, in the person of Girl Writes What. In addition, the subset of the human rights movement represented by AVFM has attracted a growing number of intelligent and important women, including not only my co-host on our radio show, but an expanding list of female contributors and board members at AVFM.

Karen Straughan (GWW), Kristina Hansen (WBB), Dr. Tara Palmatier, Nurdy Dancing, Suz, Aimee Mcgee and Typhon Blue have recently been joined by Erin Pizzey, the newest member of our board of directors. Erin is, as you should know, the founder of the world’s first women’s shelter, as well as the author of several books on domestic violence.

Although the invitation was made humorously, I’d like to participate women in secularism conference. I’m confident you too would like me to attend, so I’m asking for your help to get myself, Karen Straughan, Kristina Hansen, and Erin Pizzey invited as a panel to present at the Women in secularism conference.

Best Regards


PZ’s invitation to the W.I.S. conference:

Backup, in case the original comment disappears:

Publisher’s addendum: I would love to make the conference myself but Air Force One is on cable that weekend. PE

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