Good Men Project Magazine Runs MRM Special

By Paul Elam

The Good Men Project Magazine has just launched a series of articles regarding the men’s movement in a special that is to run, according to my information, into the next week.

The early results, and I stress early, is a mixed bag.  While it is notable, and quite laudable,  that the website has gone to such extent as to provide an open forum for the dissemination of MRM issues, there is a clear undertone of hostility emanating from both management and readers.  But to clarify, that is based only on one piece by senior editor Henry Balanger, a man I happen to respect but whose article appears biased to me, and one commenter thus far who is already making personal attacks.

My initial assessment could well change in time.

For those interested, the comments are open.  While I understand that my TOS here ends the moment anyone leaves this site, allow me to respectfully suggest that comments to GMPM should be absent of personal attacks, consistent with the TOS of that website and replete with the high quality of commentary so common to the MRM.

I hope that we can follow their rules, even if their own readers might not.

Henry Balanger’s Introduction to the Men’s Movement

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An a very good article by Tom Matlack on the Adultery Double Standard.

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