Chris Gethard Is an Incredible Douche and Gets Pwned by RamzPaul

First, for the record, I want to say that as the founder and publisher of the most widely read men’s rights website in the world I do not believe RamzPaul has ever made a single comment here, much less written an article, nor have I seen his presence on other “men’s rights” websites. I have never talked to him (though I have enjoyed many of his videos) and don’t know anything about him personally. So far as I know, he’s not really a “men’s rights” guy at all, just a feminist critic.
That being said, the exchange between him and comedian Chris Gethard is one of the funniest fucking things I have ever seen -n my life — thanks mostly to the fucktardery of Gethard.
What strikes me most about Gethard is the transparency of his lifelong insecurity, longing for attention, and abysmally poor self-image in relation to women. The approval-seeking (based in the absence of it) is obvious to the point of being pathetic.
Paul obviously cut him to the quick, because what we are left with is a man who has at least a modicum of real celebrity lashing out against a comparatively unknown YouTuber in reaction to a short and humorous poke at his stupid ideas.
I am embarrassed for him.
Anyway, as Paul aptly points out in his last video, the beauty of the Internet is that no one has to be fooled. Everything is on the record. I am presenting the entire exchange here. (Note to Chris: Removing your video won’t help. I have a copy and will host it on one of the servers I have in three continents.)
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what an obsequious, groveling white knight looks like compared with a man who Goes His Own Way.
Gethard’s original attempt to serve a shame sandwich to men who don’t get their sense of worth from a pat on the head from a woman who barely tolerates them, a big screen TV, and an anchor of debt around their necks:

RamzPaul responds:
Gethard gets all butthurt and lashes back with enough misguided invective to make David Futrelle jealous. Note that Gethard says in one breath that “fuck the girls you want to fuck” is “just gross” and in the next breath says that doing that is just fine because some women enjoy it too. He says a lot of other stuff that is equally brain-numbing and vacuous:

RamzPaul offers some sage advice:
Personally, I think Paul went very easy on him. But I don’t expect readers here to.

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