Celeste Adamski: sexual predator, litigious husband

Just a handful of hours after the official launch of register-her.com, a complaint was received. Make that a threat.

An individual who identified themselves as John Adamski wrote to inform us that Celeste Adamski, who was registered on the site as a Rapist, was there in error. Well, that is the kind version. Here is the actual email, unedited:

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I am writing because on your website you have false information.  The link is http://register-her.com/index.php?title=Celeste_Adamski_–_Rapist .  Celeste Adamski was never convicted of Rape or any sexual offense.  It is in the best interest that you delete the information from your site, as if you do not, you will receive a subpoena from my lawyer (you will not be the first that has done such) to take it down.  You will also get a lawsuit claiming many damages.  Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

John Adamski


As you can see in the news story that is linked from the register-her.com profile on Adamski, her husband is identified as John Adamski.

And Mr. Adamski actually has a point. Celeste Adamski, after admitting before the court that she had sex with one of her students, a 17 year old male, was convicted of official misconduct, perhaps as the result of a plea bargain, not for the actual crime of rape.

Counsel for register-her.com has advised that there is likely ample constitutional protection for the placement of Adamski in the rape category, but in the interest of accuracy and fairness the staff at register-her.com has opted to react accordingly.

Adamski’s profile will remain at register-her.com, but under the perhaps more descriptive category of “Sexual Predator.”  Perhaps this will assuage the concerns of Mr. Adamski that his wife has been unduly represented. The staff does aim to please.

But on another note, isn’t this just precisely the type of reaction that assures us that the registry is such a badly needed public service?  After all, it would seem to lend a great deal of credence to the idea that there is too much protection, legally and socially, even for women who commit such egregious breeches of trust and abuse of authority, when the very man behind whose back Adamski was molesting at least one schoolboy, comes out to act as a cuckolded white knight, rushing in to threaten anyone who shines an additional light on her already documented misdeeds. Yes, indeed it does, and in the most conspicuous of ways.

The mission at register-her.com is multi-faceted, but a primary part of that mission is to confront the pressures in this culture that create a shield around sexual predators and other criminals simply because they are women.

The concern here is for the victims of sexual crimes, not for the criminals who commit those crimes. The staff of register-her.com will vigorously defend its constitutional right and its moral obligation to heighten public awareness of this seriously under addressed problem.

Any attempts to coerce, threaten or otherwise bully the organization known as register-her.com out of its mission will only result in more attention on the criminal involved.

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