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First allow me to thank those of you who took time to post responses to the debate, here and over at The Good Men Project Magazine regarding societal violence.  I had the pleasure of writing the articles that were featured in that debate, but as usual the comments carried the day and once again the scourge of misandry was exposed for the unsupportable social disease that it is. In grand fashion, I might add.

For every decent man and woman that stood to speak, my sincere thanks. You are a credit to the decent side of humanity. And oh, it is not too late to go over there and add your opinion.

And now on to other matters.

As some of you may have noticed there have been a few changes to the site in recent days.  I have set up RSS feeds for several of the very select sites that I am willing to give space on this website.  Those that do not have RSS feeds have their static links remaining.  A banner for Godfather Harry has also been placed.

There are also new social networking options at the end of each article, as well as a Facebook “like” button.  Please allow me to request your use of them regularly.  They are invaluable and effortless tools for spreading the word.

I have also added a video section for John Hembling’s Youtube channel, JohnTheOther, as well as a “Comment of the Week,” area that will be changed each Saturday. Currently it features some wisdom courtesy of Keith.

And I am sure you have noticed that threaded responses are now enabled in the comments.  It was requested by users and seems to finding good use.

As always, if you have any suggestions or requests leave something in the comments here or shoot me an email.



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