Site Glitches


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As many of you have recently noticed, there are some technical changes happening with the site resulting in some user end difficulties with commenting, rating comments, gravatars and logging in. This is due to some ongoing work on the site that will add additional functionality when the work is completed by our team. Please bear with us and accept our thanks for your patience while the work is being completed.

Also, as timing would have it, I have had some significant computer issues at home. To make a long story short, one of the end results of those issues is that my email address is changing. From this point on I can be reached at only. If you are in regular contact with me, please change your address book information accordingly. I will most likely not have your email address at this point, so you may want to send me a short note.

Again, thanks for your patience. The site should be through the transition in the near future. PE


[box type=”alert”]Update 9.11 – Issues have been solved. Commenting, logins, registering and gravatars are back to normal. [/box]

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