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With my first submission to AVfM I proposed adopting methods to combat feminism. The more I thought about this, the more I realized it was foolish to discuss and plan such methods in a public venue. Any methods we might discuss here are open to view by the general public, including feminists. I have no doubt that some feminists monitor AVfM, and knowing this, realize that any discussion on tactics we raise here is subject to counter-maneuvers, including preemptive ones.

It has since been my opinion that a more private area would be necessary for serious discussion of strategy and tactics. I mentioned this to Mr Elam, and have been given license to put such a place together. This private forum is intended to be entirely a complimentary forum to AVfM in specific regard to activism, and no detraction from the normal flow of discussion on AVfM will be tolerated there.

As the forum is intended to be private, the location of the forum will not be posted. Please contact Mr Elam or myself for the URL. Viewing is open to members only, and admission is subject to administrative approval. Admission will be denied without a reasonable degree of certainty that you are who you claim to be.

I can be contacted at

Welcome to the resistance!



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