Halfway There with Thanks to You and Harry


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If you logged on earlier today, you noticed the banner running at the top of the page detailing the fundraising efforts to start up A Voice for Men Radio (Thanks to Alek Novy for the graphics).

But if you logged on in the last few minutes, you may have noticed that the donation slide went up from $1,255.00 to $2,133.00 – nearly half way to completion!

As if we all didn’t have Angry Harry to thank for enough things, we can now thank him for most of that significant jump in funding. Harry came through in spades.

I don’t for a moment want to appear like I am any less appreciative to other donors. I am not. Regardless of the amount you have given, it is all going to the same place.  It is all helping. We even had one man part with $100.00… of his unemployment check.

How’s that for toxic masculinity?

If we keep this up, A Voice for Men Radio will be a reality much sooner than expected.

Kind regards,




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