For AVfM Writers

Starting today, Paul will no longer be accepting content submissions for AVfM. Now, before anybody’s brain explodes, that doesn’t mean you can’t post your writing on the site, simply that Paul will no longer be your point of contact to do so. He is, as you might imagine, a busy fellow.
Our managing editor, Dean Esmay, Asha James (Typhon Blue) and myself have been for the past few weeks, the working editorial board at AVfM, and, starting now, we are the interface for contributors and writers on the site. Actually, unless you are already regularly contributing content to Dean or Typhon directly, I will be your contact for all future content submissions.
What do these changes mean for you?
Writers on the site who already have a contributor account, and who use that account to post articles directly into the site’s back-end will continue to do exactly what they’re doing already.
Writers who have been sending content by other methods, such as emailing word docs, or skyping walls of text to either Dean, Typhon, to Paul or to me will be set up with contributor accounts, and I will be your contact for all issues regarding the wordpress interface: “how do I log in?”, “how do I submit an article”, “how do I edit my author’s bio” and so on.
Where do you send your articles now? Send them to:
And address them to “John the Other” or “JTO”.
A tutorial on using the site’s content control panel will be upcoming this week, and I will address all other questions by email. Thank you.

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