Looking over your shoulder

In philosophical terms I believe fundamentally that all things are true. To drive the point home in its simplest terms I’ll take another step forward and plant my foot directly in shit. Lies do not exist! While your sniffing the smell of that I’ll remind you that shit is neither true nor false good or evil. It is what it is, shit.

I read post after post and shake my head at the decay of male relevance, laws that point in a single direction and squarely at men. I’m shocked by blatant systemic corruption, false allegations of violence and rape and the responding hypnotic trance like rhetoric justifying it all. It’s impossible to absorb this crap without feeling like your falling backwards into an abyss of corrupt deception. Truth seems to have left the planet but has it really?

What I would say is that truth is what you see, and your ability to see it will determine the quality of risk management in your life. Truth is a perspective and nobody experiences truth in the same way. What we seem to forget or avoid or deny is the way in which we’re influenced to see the world and the tint of our rosy or not so rosy gaze. So in reading this realize that it’s a perspective, a truth to chew on that can easily be spit out and forgotten. Think of it as a science experiment that you can enjoy; you may even see some humor.

I know that as a species we dominate and the lack of competition allows us to not only believe but to aggrandize our absolute fucking brilliance. We in our existence are just awesome, we got it going on; we got this planet wrapped up and begging for mercy. We are just that good. We got Gods and we got science, we got hotdogs and baseball and like Rodger Waters said we got choice.

Anyone reading at AVFM for any length of time has surely read the numerous articles about evolutionary biology and all the phenomenal insights into our social development and psychology. Hunter gatherers and mating, and how we structure our lives in a gendered collaboration. This was all really good stuff, insightful and informing. Except that there was one dominant influence overlooked in all the brilliant presentations.

We distanced ourselves from ourselves and attempted to view behavior in a social and impersonal context of evolving eventuality. Stating as an outcome that it’s all pretty predictable and the roles of gender collaboration are functional and available for a little social tweaking. What the insight didn’t resolve in simpler terms is the corruption and unexpected dishonesty of our systems and the defining element of why.

What you can determine if you choose to review all the brilliant articles and discussion is that we failed to identify the essence and definition that motivates our socialization and renders men and woman equal operators of collaboration. We are predators and everything we do emanates from our will, desire and intention to feed. If you can get your head around that simple concept and slide it into your cerebral filtering system you may see some amazing shit in your own head. It’s a science experiment; remember!

Try reducing what you believe to be a sophisticated civilization of evolving brilliance and dominating relevance to its intrinsic nature of instinctual behavior. I do it by transforming every system and institution and every place that people gather for the purpose of surviving into a dead carcass on the savanna. Then I transform all the behavior I see into behavior that organizes feeding. When you see your place of employment as a dead carcass and the employees organized around it for no other reason than to feed on the freshest flesh; what you see starts to make sense.

Managers are not more than the guardians of the flesh governing the portions and distribution of the meat of the day, always holding back enough to keep the pack hungry. It’s important to get an education, it will determine the quality of meat you eat and which part of the carcass is available to you. When you see social justice through this lens, it makes perfect sense. We don’t give to charity because it’s the right thing to do we do it to protect our status at the carcass.

Our class system simply defines our willingness to cannibalize our own pack. Do you really think that anyone gives a shit about lesser predators or sending them to war for slaughter? My empathy mitigates my true nature; I am sorry you died but not sorry enough to stop it. After all, my vote is faceless and not all predators are like that. The humor resides in the conviction of true bullshit to convince me otherwise, I simply know what we are.

When I close my eyes and travel back to the savanna, nudging my way toward the meat just enough to feed and not get bitten, I wonder where the females with cubs are. With eyes closed I imagine the behavioral politics to get the cubs fed and just what is traded in the process and with whom. I see the attractor to powerful predators and the rewarding exchange of collaboration. I see that if the attraction is compromised in any way it can easily draw blood.

When with eyes closed I look to the female predator I see a very complex behavior of deception to ply her intentions. That her exchange with the strong only makes them individually weak, that lesser predators hate the stronger and covet their power. They may attack him by attacking her or she may influence lesser predators to challenge his power by exchanging discreet privilege. Her time is now and age will require her to approach the meat with only the power she possesses. Her ability to self-sustain in the order of feeding may place her behind the least of the males.

I understand feminism and the process of gender predation. Without it I doubt that woman would survive much beyond the year 2525. The male has evolved to learn the sophistication of proxy predation; our whole existence is based on it. Our political structure and social class system is organized around young women and the older ones know it. Even our currency is nothing more than dry meat. The house, the dishwasher and all the appliances did not put the female in her most advantageous position; in the pack enticing the outcome of power. Few lesser predators understand her ability to lead by following.

That following creates the illusion of power and increases as an attractor to the benefits of power and the freedom to feed. She will simply strive to control one rather than many and control many by controlling one. It’s hilarious to realize that we have always lived in a matriarchy, that concentrating power is female in nature and intention. The only threat to the power of her narrative is not to believe it and not to follow it. That is more threatening than any violence or primal fear she possesses. Her inability to physically overcome her male counterpart has reduced the significance of her existence to the years of her fertility. The test tube of technology may threaten to wipe her out completely.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t object to our individual natures, I just don’t inflate what I see into narcissistic self-importance or a monotheistic “othering” of myself. I’m a predator, my eyes face forward for a reason, I’m willing to look in the eyes of my prey and share the dignity of the divine exchange. But I also know that the civilizing nature of social exchange allows me the illusion of being a predator by proxy and in most cases I am the proxy operative. I know when I look into the eyes of another, be it man or woman. I am measuring their significance in the hierarchy of predation and I know that they are too.

It requires no apology and there is something sublime in the simplicity of seeing it. It places concepts like Briffault’s Law, hypergamy, proxy violence, rape, domestic violence and false accusation into a completely different context. Is a predator really concerned about truth? Does a predator really believe in morality or ethics? Isn’t the only true skill of a predator its ability to reason? Isn’t the best way to cripple the force of reason to simply manipulate its narrative with bullshit? Isn’t that really what the internet is teaching us?

What’s cool about the internet is the inability to measure an adversary and apply risk management. It’s totally feminine in nature and resorts to the pure psychology of attraction by narrative. Men are individually clueing into the force of manipulating the appetite of opposition with narrative. But like all things social, internet violence is rampant; LOL and a good predator will gate the narrative to protect the she-wolf. After all the most threatening violence is the violence against the narrative. Woof woof.

I’ve decided to buy myself a pink keyboard because cross-posting is less expensive than cross-dressing and just as entertaining. My name is Phil, I call myself Bill but everyone will know me as Nancy. I’m sampling a new form of FTSU, the “F” stands for fluff and I intend to push the holy narrative in the most entertaining directions possible.

I understand that this perspective is several levels below cynicism, but I realized that in order to make sense of something I don’t always get to choose the position of where I stand if I want to see it. As any good predator should know truth is the hunt and what you find is your prey, just remember to bring the cutlery of your reason. Rarrrrrrr.

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