Community Organized Compassion and Kindness

I have a dream.

I’d like to present to you the foundation of Community Organized Compassion and Kindness (COCK) for which I am the current spokesperson. Erected in Victoria, BC we expect it to grow quite quickly across the globe.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of COCK. I have been boning up on history and am ready to penetrate the dark depths of deception that have led society to our current state of disrepair. I am confident that COCK will become a massive appendage of the Men’s Human Rights Movement. It will be the philosophical meat of the movement and encourage activism on the individual level.

COCK isn’t a single member, it is a state of mind.

Some may argue that COCK is merely trying to fuck TWAT (The Women’s Activism Tyranny) but this simply is not the case. COCK takes a hard stance on personal responsibility. TWAT keeps telling us they are fixing everyone’s problems, but are too focused on blame to achieve anything productive. COCK will cause some friction but, as our members swell, we believe we can fill the gap in social cohesion.

The MHRM has thus far been given the shaft and we must keep our heads to plunge forward with renewed vigour. COCK has been waiting for its time to come. That time is now.

The world needs COCK. Our governments have proven to be impotent in meeting the needs of the masses. They have milked our personal resources and wasted the seed money on useless TWAT propaganda. COCK doesn’t need artificial stimulation, it grows naturally and, in the right hands, is capable of achieving climactic change.

COCK does not take a soft approach to interaction within the community. Stereotypical female compassion tries to unite people in victimhood instead of the unyielding and sometimes forceful approach that is required. Instead of filling the empty hole, they have focused on excessively selfish surface demands.

Too much time has been wasted pussyfooting around trying to placate TWAT under the premise that they have some sort of map to a hidden utopia. Nevertheless, there is a way that women can fit with COCK that is unique and exciting if they are willing to meet COCK on an equal level of participation.

COCK may be particularly overwhelming for some women but, if they are open and willing to accept responsibility, they will find it intensely rewarding. While we don’t want to ram it down anyone’s throat, it is time for a change in the status quo and COCK is up for the challenge.

There is no magic trick or deft move that can guarantee a wad of results and COCK doesn’t claim to have all the solutions but we do believe that when you take matters into your own hands and participate in your own fulfilment, the results will be more explosive. Where society typically shames people as self-indulgent when they seek self-satisfaction, COCK promotes personal involvement and believes that empowerment of the individual will not only take a load off of society but will result in a healthier community.

COCK knows no boundaries and isn’t focused on a single source of relief. We will forage every cavern, explore every chasm, and traverse every niche in our search for prosperity. We consider happiness a matter of self direction and responsibility. The only path to contentment is to act as an agent in your own satisfaction and COCK will not entertain freeloaders.

You can not just lie back and expect great things to happen to you without reciprocating.

There is a special note that needs to be addressed to women who think they can handle COCK. The modern woman has been raised to believe that she embodies compassion by virtue of her nature and has been taught to manipulate others into pleasing her then claiming that success as her own accomplishment. COCK will not be fooled by such games.

Out of compassion and kindness, COCK demands that women cease to be TWATs and take responsibility for their own lives. Whilst COCK would like you to come, we won’t bend over backwards to make it happen. We expect women to participate in their own liberation without any special attention.

Because women have been historically coddled and catered to, they require special screening rituals. If you are honest with us and yourself you won’t care how closely you are examined because you know you are clean of TWAT infection. If you are a true supporter of COCK you will be willing to suck it up.

TWAT has convinced women that everyone should like them. That simply isn’t the case. Respect in society must be earned or it becomes arbitrary. Women care an awful lot about being liked. Get over it fast because, despite the best efforts of social justice warriors, we live in a merit based society and your actions speak louder than words. If you speak hypocritically COCK has no use for you.

Women don’t need to worship COCK because it’s not a religion. TWAT will claim that COCK is trying to suppress it but, if they let go of their inhibitions, women will find that COCK sets them free. Where TWAT claims that women are objects which men act upon, COCK asks you to meet on an equal level of participation.

If you’ve arrived at the MHRM and COCK as a woman, you are being challenged to interact as one who finds her femaleness irrelevant. There are only a couple of things in which being female helps the MHRM and they are the only reasons COCK is interested in your vagina:

1) You can say things about women and feminists in public that men can’t get away with saying. Say them as loudly and as often as possible. Your freedom depends upon it.

2) You can divulge the secrets of women that they don’t want men to know: Their ways of manipulating and controlling dialogue. We were raised in the world of women and we know exactly how women operate. Men quite often have no clue what conversation just happened after they talk to a woman but women listening will hear every nuance of the information-dig or set up. Women can teach men how to see it, hear it, and call it out. Though many of the men in the MHRM are quite good at catching this in comparison to other males, women know there is always another devious layer going on. That’s why women will go over and over a single conversation for days – we know there was something we might have missed.

Unless you are doing one of those two things we don’t care that you are female.

COCK does not support “cliques”. No one in particular will back you up in an argument when you get in trouble. Just as women like to travel in packs to the bathroom, women like to have a group of friends with them when they pick a fight. That is not going to happen here. You are on your own and we expect you to hold your own when the going gets tough. COCK demands personal accountability.

The women of the MHRM, called “Honey Badgers,” are women who don’t act like “normal” chicks. We are happy and surprised to find other women who don’t have their heads up their asses but we won’t be your BFF just because we have the same genitals. In fact, I’d wager most Honey Badgers are less likely to find you either interesting or enchanting than the men are and we are far more likely to warn men when they are getting sucked in by a woman who can’t swallow the truth.

The touchiest area for women in the MHRM seems to be how they feel about MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way) who reject marriage or long term relationships with women. COCK supports Going Your Own Way as not only a powerful form of activism, but an amazing tool for social change. We show compassion and kindness to those who are capable of withdrawing from unsupportable institutions.

For women who think they love COCK, there are a few phrases you’ll hear that are important: “NAWALT” (not all women are like that) and “NAFALT” (not all feminists are like that). You won’t get a good reception if you pull either of those.

All feminists ARE like that- if they believe in patriarchy they are “like that.” If they don’t believe in patriarchy they aren’t a feminist. Patriarchy is a fabricated external scapegoat for personal failure.

All women ARE like that- some just choose to not act “that way” but we were all raised to be that way either by parents or peers. I wrote an article that shows what “that way” is fairly well and it simultaneously explains why women will have a bigger challenge meeting COCK on an equal level.

Ultimately, for women who think they want to join with COCK, just being here doesn’t mean anything, it only matters what you contribute. This is a “show, don’t tell” kind of organization. We will empower you to find your own solutions and rescue yourself from victim mentality.

Women in the movement are good to have but only if you’re here for COCK and not for your own ego. This is a place where everyone takes personal responsibility for their own actions. Get used to it. Where TWAT tries to legislate compassion and manipulate resources to bail out only half the population, COCK puts your future under your own personal control.

COCK isn’t trying to fuck the world, we are saving it from the hell hole of TWAT ideologies and giving victims the chance to be heroes. Don’t wait for someone to save you, choose to be virile. COCK won’t pander to you any more.

Editor’s note: feature image by Terry Robinson. –PW

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