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There is a temptation when trying to “spread the word” about upcoming events to treat all of them as though they are going to be remarkable, a “must” to put on your calendar. We can test the depth of the adjective well trying to convince people that whatever it is we are pushing is as important as their next heartbeat.

Remarkable, don’t miss it, etc..

That being said I wanted to make a statement here tonight about the next broadcast of A Voice for Men Radio, which will focus on the bane of false accusations.

It is going to be remarkable. Don’t miss it.

Much of the show is going to focus on the case of Vladek Filler, a Maine man who was accused of rape, convicted with no forensic evidence; only on the testimony of the alleged victim, his wife, and in spite of the fact that she was highly abusive and demonstrated a profoundly disturbed mental state.

His conviction was overturned because of prosecutorial misconduct…

But he is now facing retrial because they have decided to pursue a conviction at any cost. They, in this case, includes prosecutor Mary Kellet who has been under much scrutiny for pursuing rape cases at the rate of 1 per week in a population of 60,000 people, and whose improper actions as a prosecutor resulted in the overturning of Fillers initial conviction.

Kellet is a Bar Harbor, Main, prosecutor whose quest for rape convictions (perhaps as opposed to actual rapists) has been billed as “The modern day witch trials for fathers and men.”

Joining us to discuss the case is private investigator T.J. Ward, who has been working on Mr. Fillers behalf. You may remember Ward because he was the lead investigator on the Natalee Holloway missing person case in Aruba that gripped the nation and most of the world beginning in 2005.

He is a widely recognized expert investigator that has appeared on Larry King, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Nancy Grace and Diane Sawyer.

He will be joining me to bring his insights into the Filler case for listeners of A Voice for Men Radio.

Also joining us will be Steven Berkimer of the False Rape Society, who has dedicated himself to the mission of educating the public on the problem of false allegations and its consequences.  Mr. Berkimer will help give us some insight into the nature of false rape claims, their consequences for the victims and their families and to the culture at large.

He will also be there to explore actual cases and answer callers questions about false rape claims.

As it seems to be shaping up, A Voice for Men Radio is becoming exactly that; a place where men can speak out about the struggles they face that go generally unnoticed by the world at large. So it would surprise me if we don’t have quite a lineup of callers who phone in to share their experience with false accusations.

Like I said, this is going to be a remarkable show.

Don’t miss it.



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