AVfM Radio – Recap of 3/8/11


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Another sterling broadcast of A Voice for Men Radio is in the archives and thus we begin the march toward next weeks program, “Cry Rape: The Plague of False Accusations.”

There are a couple of program matters to address that will help us continue to improve your listening experience.

First, keep calling.  I knew from the beginning that our callers would demonstrate on the program the same excellence that commenters show every day here on the website. What I was not prepared for was absolutely devastating impact that your stories would have on the lies that govern consciousness in the mainstream of our society. Your stories, told with such clarity, directness and unbridled candor must be told and retold because any human being with a shred of decency will be moved and informed by them.

And to those who have no decency? Well, you are the reason we are here.

A note of thanks to Keyster, here. His handling of show production has quickly become seamless.  He doesn’t really get to listen to the show because he is constantly working on call screening, monitoring the chat room and communicating with me through the switchboard. Good job!

On more technical matters, we had a couple of people that had difficulty remaining in the chat room. That would seem to be corrected by using the Firefox browser, but please keep me posted on this as we go along.

Also, for those people calling in to the show with skype, please make sure you are wired in to your router directly with an Ethernet cable. Skype calls done through a wireless connection have a tendency to break up. You can help us keep the show quality higher, and have your voice heard much better, by going through the effort to direct connect.

I have also noted the disappointment that (unlike) our first show, there were no fembots calling in.  I would expect that to be the case for a while. I know for a fact that they are listening, and likely that is on the rise. But they are not calling in yet for the same reasons that pedophiles would not call in to a law enforcement talk show. Consider their current silence the reaction of a cockroach to a halide lamp being suddenly switched on. They are hiding in the shadow just hoping for the light to be turned off.

They are hoping in vain.

Lastly, as I said the next show is on false allegations. As a special guest we will have Steve Berkimer of the False Rape Society.  I also want to encourage those who have suffered false accusations to phone in to the show and tell us your stories.

Again, thanks to all for the stellar response to the show.  I had billed this program as being an hour long from the beginning because I was concerned that in the early broadcasts that we might face difficulties stretching things any longer than that.

As it turns out I am having to rush some calls to try to get everyone in.

Thanks to you all for delivering some very high class problems to deal with.



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