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It is the mission of A Voice for Men to provide education and encouragement to men and boys; to lift them above the din of misandry, to reject the unhealthy demands of gynocentrism in all its forms, and to promote their mental, physical and financial well-being without compromise or apology.

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    1. I am with Derek but I am kind of curious femdom means that woman are supirior as ingorent as I am I do not understand why one would think the other is infirior as a former soldeir it is my duty to serve and thats the way I look at it in combat I am taught the one who loses the battle is infirior and thats how it should be you can have a weak male and a strong female or a weak female and a strong male it goes both ways in my opinion but that is just me.

  1. @ Masculist… I looked at your “contributuion” and frankly im suprised you are not on the feminist and mangina page. A large portion of your contribution does not support masculinity; in fact it assists the feminist machine. For example, why would a masculist want to “remasculate the military”. More dead men?? The goal of masculism is not to re-establish the discriminatory roles of males and females but to destroy them.

  2. @ Liberata

    Agreed. While I found some points to his thesis sound, it is predicated, in part, on this:

    “A realistic approach to sex differences that attempts to identify those differences and how they are best expressed in the social and political milieu.”

    When you couple that with “remasculating” the military, all you get is code speak for male disposability.

    This is just how we got in trouble in the first place.

  3. My approach in the “Trinity” is a direct political confrontation to feminism with a hint for the need of a spiritual movement as well. Both are necessary for us to win. I see the military as a huge job program for men that like other jobs has been ripped off by the feminists. It has nothing to do with the “disposability of men”…just jobs. We have also been ripped off of our political jobs which is much more serious in terms of power and also ties into my nod to patriarchy. Let’s face it, we live in a matriarchy.

    Paul’s approach, the spirit and much of the content of which I support, is mostly ahem spiritual. You can’t lift up men by words, it needs inspiration. I believe my work in autism fills that bill but I know that may not be accepted for while so I concentrate on the political for now.

    I originally put together the Manifesto and then the Trinity to counter the counter insurgents on the men’s forums ten years ago, primarily the usenet group soc.men. While many had reservations about it, it did help focus people on the main issues countering feminism and was an effective tool in beating back the counter insurgents.

    Thanks for the work you are doing Paul.

  4. @ Masculist

    Thank you for the reasoned response. I hope you didn’t take the dissent as any sort of unwelcoming reaction. I have read posts from you before, and I agree with most of what I have heard.

    I think the question we must face, though, is that of male utility to women. I think that plays out at its most severe with the military. In fact, I would favor (assuming I can’t end war itself) mandatory conscription for women and almost exclusive compulsory combat until the numbers of female war dead approached parity with men. I know, pipe dream. But a statement just the same.

    At some point, because I am not 100% happy with everything in the above statement, I would like to solicit MRA’s to assist in rewriting it to make it more culturally relevant than it is right now.

    Perhaps you could help?

    1. The only time I have seen articulated what I have known somehow to be true.

      “I think the question we must face, though, is that of male utility to women. I think that plays out at its most severe with the military. In fact, I would favor (assuming I can’t end war itself) mandatory conscription for women and almost exclusive compulsory combat until the numbers of female war dead approached parity with men. I know, pipe dream. But a statement just the same.”

      They have been violating men with their “Right to Vote” for 90 years, those very men who fight and die in their place. Fucking disgusting.

  5. I didnt mean to start anything or be mean. I was just trying to express that I thought the focus should be on breaking discriminatory roles. No offense masculist… or Elam. Love your page keep up the good work.

  6. @ Liberata

    You should start things. That is part of the point. And it is the idea here to break down the discriminatory roles.

    You keep up the good work as well.

  7. I didn’t mean any offense and didn’t take any. We are on the same page, but as is true in the rest of the men’s movement, we have different emphasis and approaches. That’s fine in the long run as long as we are fully aware of the problem and most of us are.


  9. I’m through with this female centric society it takes two to tango! All I want is a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD LEVEL AS IN MEN=50, WOMEN=50 none of this who is better then who bullshit we are the same blood and flesh!

  10. Women should play nice with men! why can’t they just accept us for who and what we are give us what we need when we need it (sex) and grow up and stop hurting us we have feelings too.. or maybe this FemiNazi DomiNatrix that is So marxist of men be destroyed and we could go back to a much EASIER day of living back when women were NICE to men and NON DEMONISING!

  11. I meen I have Asperger’s Syndrome and it’s now 10 times harder for me to get a LOVELY LADY that is MY AGE that being 27 and for starting a family I also have PTSD because of people in high school half killing me I was set on fire so I know what it feels like to burn!! WILL I BE FOREVER A VIRGIN!!

  12. This should be shown to everyone in the world.

    I have learned a lot about this site.

    I’ve been wanting to find a way to help this society against feminism.

  13. “In fact, I would favor (assuming I can’t end war itself) mandatory conscription for women and almost exclusive compulsory combat until the numbers of female war dead approached parity with men. I know, pipe dream. But a statement just the same.”

    You want women to die? You’re arguments on this site are somewhat lessened by your religious assertions. It makes them contradictory however beautifully phrased.

    Thanks for trying to give me something to think about but unfortunately you haven’t provided anything with a solid basis.

  14. “You want women to die? You’re arguments on this site are somewhat lessened by your religious assertions. It makes them contradictory however beautifully phrased.”

    He wants to give women an incentive to stop promoting the wars that ultimately serve their interests ahead of the men who are killed in them, and the men who survive.

    It’s possible to enact mandatory conscription for women with exclusive combat roles for them until female parity with male war dead – all our military leaders need do is stop feeding more live bodies into the machine. If females bore the brunt of all hostility, wars would stop overnight.

    Look how quickly Japan surrendered when women started copping it by the hundreds of thousands. It was all over in a fortnight. Killing women is the fastest way to end a war. Killing men just prolongs it.

  15. Paul, a few thoughts come to mind regarding your comments about mandatory conscription. I offer them with humility and gratitude for your work on behalf of men.

    As an individual I do not possess the moral “right” to enslave another human being or to coerce him to fight to the death on my behalf. Furthermore, I cannot “delegate” to another individual or group of individuals this “right,” since I cannot give away what I do not have and never have had. Party A cannot morally or ethically petition, vote for, or delegate to Party B the “right” to enslave or “conscript” Party C.

    May I, a Viet Nam vet and former Army officer, argue therefore that there can be no moral or ethical justification for forcing anyone, male or female, at gun point into any kind of slavery, most especially military “service.” Though a visceral part of me would like nothing more than to see women suffer the same evils that men have undergone throughout centuries of endless warfare, and though “mandatory conscription” of women might serve to rebalance the scales, a deeper part of me somewhere in my soul balks at the notion that we zeta males would even ask government – a massive coercive entity run overtly or covertly by sociopaths hell bent on dominating others – to inflict upon the other half of the population what we and our ancestors allowed to be inflicted upon us. Petitioning politicians to enslave anyone for any purpose, even if only temporarily, would reinforce the long-held but erroneous and dangerous implication that they legitimately possess this power, would encourage them to continue usurping yet further powers that do not belong to them, would cast a dark, dark shadow on the ethical underpinnings of those who champion individual freedom and sovereignty, and – speaking only for myself – would offend my manly pride. I do want to ask anything of, thereby feeding and humbling myself before, an already arrogant, greedy, bloated dragon.

    Even more than feminist ideology, government itself – the institution of coercion and theft that makes imposition of feminism possible, exercising as it does its control of the legal system and its monopoly on the armed violence that backs it – is the enemy of good men everywhere. The superior, admittedly more difficult tack would be, not to hack away at a branch of injustice emanating from the gnarled tree trunk of tyranny, but instead – borrowing an anarcho-libertarian motto – to strike its root.

    My sincere regards along with my 2 bits.


  16. @ Andrew

    That two bits was worth about a million bucks, in my opinion. As I look over these mission and values statements, adopted from the orgininal italian version, it dawns on me that it may be antiquated and to some degree written with the wrong perspective on some of the issues.

    I think before long I will take a shot at rewriting them myself, and perhaps I can run edits past you and a few others for consideration. When I do so, I will keep your post here in mind.

    I think you are right on the money.


  17. First I’d like to thank you for enlightening me on these issues and finally helping me understand something I think I had secretly known my whole life. That men especially, young men in this day and age are taught to hate themselves. I’m only in my early 20s and already I have been through several classes ironically most of them college ones that taught me that all the generations of men before me were wife beating evil pigs. The interesting trend though is the higher the education in this country the more antimale it seems to get. I’m sure you already know all of these points very well, but my generation and the one currently being born have no idea about this. Though I now know myself that this is a major issue many of my friends and family not only dismiss most of this but act like there’s something wrong with me for speaking against these’s things.
    Two examples illustrate this. My best friend that I have known for a long time often noticed that men are unfairly treated, so I thought he would be ready to hear some of your work and Warren Farrell’s work. Once I showed it to him he immediately dismissed it and even went as far to act like I had insulted his intelligence with these videos. Such is what I feel will be the reaction of my other friends if I show them these videos. The second is my encounters with women of my generation, first off I have never had a successful relationship with a woman and I’m not blaming all of that on them. But many of the women of this generation not only know they are privileged but brag about it, even many of the ones that claim they want equality. The result is they treat men like dirt and laugh and call us pussy’s when we cry foul and the sad part is that society in general will support them. NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THIS. This is something I have to remember day after day and to give myself hope in real love.
    I know I have gone on for a while, but I feel like I needed to get this off my chest so I have some questions and little suggestion for you. First my questions and anyone is welcome to chime in. how do I get the people that are close to me in my life to acknowledge that male inequality is a problem without them treating me like I’m one of those nuts that thinks 911 was a government plot. Also what are the best none MRA sources to get real news and facts about stuff like domestic abuse? Because I pray that MRA’s aren’t the only ones telling the truth. Finally my little suggestion is to find those rare gems of women that actually support men’s rights and true equality and feature them on your website. The reason why this is important is that women need to feel like they can help stop this inequality instead of only feeling like they should be ashamed. Thanks for reading and now for your thoughts id really appreciate them.

    1. I suppose that since we are constantly bombarded with media footage of women being beaten and stoned to death in the middle east and africa, and wearing burka’s and bombed to death if they try to go to school that any male in the western world is going to have to bite his lip if he feels that theres anything wrong about our lifestyle here in the USA or western/northern europe. Basically, if you realize that there are problems, real tangible problems and inequality in our society that you are somehow misguided and a self centered prick when there are so may other horrible injustices being carried out in the world against women and girls. basically if you oppose any of the modern and “liberating” social changes, then that automatically means you want complete and utter domination and destruction of the female gender. At least thats what they’ll tell you. In other words, you’re not allowed to complain. Its all programming and bullshit.

  18. http://bellsouthpwp2.net/a/r/arietti/vawa_1.html

    If only we could enlighten the people of the illegitimacy and unconstitutionality of VAWA, then its fall will be inevitable!!!


    The VAWA immigration loop-hole:

    The formula is simple: Pretend you’re in love with someone, get them to marry you, then, a few months later start making unsupported accusations of abuse. The accusations will stick, even if completely unsupported by facts. In no time they’re on the path to permanent residency and with plenty of help from US taxpayers. As you can see from the many stories in this forum, the innocent US spouse often pays a heavy price in terms of psychological distress, legal bills, damage to reputation, and in many cases even a criminal record.


    Why is what these women do so wrong, appalling and nauseating? When I say “these women” I mean each and every woman who is involved in these organizations, in formulating and supporting VAWA, in instructing women on how to make these false accusations and on how to manipulate and abuse an innocent American citizen, the police, the courts, the American support system and the American immigration system, and of course the women who deliberately plan on prostituting themselves and deceiving an American citizen in order to deceitfully make him sign the marriage so that they can falsely accuse him and file a VAWA self-petition.

    There is a distinct difference between wrong and right, and just because something is not punishable by law (the false accusations of domestic violence with the intention of fabricating evidence for a VAWA self-petition and abuse the American support system) does not make it right. Specifically, making false accusations of domestic violence in order to fabricate evidence for a VAWA self-petition is one of the most despicable acts a human being can do.

    …So to clarify:

    To want to help an immigrant woman who is in difficulties is right

    To offer an immigrant woman my house when she has no other place to stay is right

    To help an immigrant woman with food, transport, money, medical issues, surgeries… is right

    To agree to marry an immigrant woman after living together with her for 3 whole years is right

    To plan on doing whatever it takes, including lying, deceiving and prostituting herself in order to get an American citizen to sign a marriage is wrong

    To act, pretend to love him, to lie and say that she wants to be his wife, to abuse his time and manipulate his emotions is wrong

    To instigate violence, to provoke, to destroy his home and reputation is wrong

    To lie to the police, to make false police reports, to try to get the innocent American citizen arrested in an attempt to fabricate evidence for a VAWA self-petition is wrong

    To contact a VAWA shelter and to lie in order for the VAWA shelter to help her fabricate more evidence for the VAWA self-petition it wrong

    To lie on a petition for a Temporary Protective Order and to sign a false TPO petition is wrong.

    To lie to the TPO office at the court-house in order for them to help her get the TPO is wrong

    To go in front of the judge, to swear to say the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then to commit perjury and falsely accuse the very same person who helped her out of love and compassion is wrong

    To commit perjury in the TPO hearing when her “husband” is present is wrong.

    To abuse the American support system by pretending to be a domestic violence victim is wrong

    To break in to and burglarize the house of the very same person who helped her out of love and compassion is wrong

    To formulate a law that creates an incentive for immigrant women to prostitute themselves, to lie, deceive and do whatever it takes so that an American citizen would agree to marry them is wrong

    To formulate a law that creates an incentive for women to falsely accuse their “husbands” is wrong

    To instruct women on how to falsely accuse their “husbands” is wrong

    To help and instruct women on how to fabricate evidence for a VAWA self-petition is wrong

    To instruct women on how to abuse the American support system is wrong

    … I can go on and on…

    I don’t think I could have been any clearer with the lists above.

    Have you noticed how long the “wrongs” list is?

    Martha, the Mexican immigrant women that I was helping out of my good heart and naivety – did all that.

    If only we could enlighten the people of the illegitimacy and unconstitutionality of VAWA, then its fall will be inevitable!!!

    – Al


    There are a number of factors that these psychopathic immigrants use to carry out their diabolic plan:

    1. Men have a natural tendency to care for and help women (in distress) and some women have that tendency towards men (co-dependency). The immigrant poses (acts) as a victim and manipulate the American citizen to help her.

    2. Most men (and women) have a firm belief – it is in their self-concept, belief system or internal map of the world – that when a woman (man) offers “love” is must be true love. Offering love for interest (in this case – immigration) is not a part of their internal dictionary. In the past when a woman (man) loved them, they expressed their love in words and actions, and if they didn’t love them, they either walked away or stayed as friends. Nobody ever pretended to love them!

    3. Because if the above – men (and women) will devote and commit themselves to helping the immigrant and the idea that the immigrant may one day turn on them and falsely accuse them (and thus betray them) or simply leave after getting what they want – the Green-Card – is inconceivable. A “human-being” that expresses so much love and acts as the perfect wife (or husband) would never do that, right?… wrong!

    4. The Radical Misandristic Feminist movement, which are thriving on very, very sick doctrines that are both anti-social and anti-family. According to their doctrines all men are naturally violent and abusive and all women are victims of men. Men “deserve” to be (falsely) accused of violence (and abuse) and women deserve to be helped based merely on their claim of abuse. Thus: Men are always perpetrators (even when the woman is) and women are always victims. Women have the right to falsely accuse men and men don’t have the right to defend themselves and there are no repercussion to false accusations made by a woman.

    5. The Radical Misandristic Feminist movement was successful in passing a very sick law (VAWA) where the definition of abuse essentially makes every expression or action a man takes toward the woman “abuse” or “domestic violence”. At this point it doesn’t matter what the real circumstance are: A woman claims abuse – she is right. A woman goes to a VAWA shelter – she is right and she must be accepted. An immigrant woman wants immigration based on claims of abuse – she is right. The truth does not matter anymore.

    6. The above creates the possibility for any woman to be highly abusive towards men and to use and exploit men (for money, housing, medical care, schools for her children… and immigrations) and when the man realizes he is being used and wants to terminate the “relationship” (which is technically not even a relationship but an abusive interaction) she can simply claim abuse and gain from her false accusations while the man – who has already been abused – must suffer even more from ruined reputation, legal fees, a difficult divorce and in some cases arrests, jail time, criminal record and loss of employment.

    Immigration laws were changed in the past to include a temporary Green-Card and a second interview two years down the line. Unfortunately VAWA creates the immigration loop-hole described above which makes these changes futile.

    I expect immigration laws to be changed again and that immigration marriage fraud will become even more difficult. The time for the second interview may be lengthened beyond the term of two years which would make it a lot less attractive for immigrants to enter into sham marriages.

    In addition, the immigration loop-hole created by VAWA must be closed!

    Left is the ubiquitous destruction of our society that VAWA and the Radical Misandristic Feminist movement impose on all of us. Today an American Citizen cannot marry or enter a relationship with a woman without considering that in the future his live can be destroyed by false accusations of violence, abuse or rape.

    The basis for creating a family is thus being destroyed by the Radical Misandristic Feminist movement and their doctrines.

    As the family is the basis of society – our society is being destroyed!


    In my case for example the judge dismissed her false accusations after a few seconds. The judge didn’t bother with the witnesses (and I had a witness who would have proven that she was lying) because it was so obvious that she was lying.

    Nevertheless, the VAWA shelter knows what to do: They fabricate police reports by calling 911 and saying that the American citizen is following the immigrant woman around (stalking), that he is trying to hurt her and that she is afraid of him.

    To prove that she is afraid of him they move her to another state – far away from where the American citizen lives – from the east coast to the west coast… and they claim that they do that for her protection.

    They get people, friends of the immigrant woman to sign false affidavits describing imaginary violent incidents involving the American citizen, well knowing that no-one will ever be able to prove that those are false.

    All the above is used as supporting evidence for the VAWA self-petition.

    Are you at all aware of the degree of manipulation and corruption happening here? Do you see how appalling it is that a government funded organization (the VAWA shelter) defrauds other government bodies (USCIS, the police, the courts) and an entire support system that now, funded by the tax payer, provides a multitude of support services to the immigrant woman and her children based on the sole fact that she has been to a VAWA shelter???.. and as you know she got there in the first place by falsely accusing the American citizen.

  19. “Finally my little suggestion is to find those rare gems of women that actually support men’s rights and true equality and feature them on your website. The reason why this is important is that women need to feel like they can help stop this inequality instead of only feeling like they should be ashamed. Thanks for reading and now for your thoughts id really appreciate them.”

    This is best suggestion I have heard in a long time.

  20. Remember me? I’ll try to keep this short, but we’ll see, haha!

    Before you guys immediately start giving me thumbs down, hear me out. I have been ‘doing my homework’ and I have actually learned a few things. I actually agree with most of your movement’s mission, and in fact, I loved most of the Italian goals. I really think when it comes right down to it, we are in alignment with most principles. I think there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of feminism that I have and that you have. There are a lot of feminist theories and statistics that I have realized are false and outdated. I called myself a feminist because I sincerely believed that feminism stands for freeing both sexes from stereotypes and chains, and allowing both men and women to be fully human. That is my stance, maybe not what feminism really is, I’m not sure anymore, gotta do more homework.

    I also agree that men are treated despicably in custody courts and in the media they are treated like buffoons who are put up with by their more intelligent wives, I see this all the time. Men and women are put in a tiny box and pressured to stay there. The past 100 years of fighting for equal rights for women, we have perhaps intentionally and unintentionally, demonized men in the process. I have a son, I don’t want this for him. I want him to grow up proud and strong, sensitive and caring, have character, be who he wants to be. I want him to grow up in a world that will nurture this.

    So, I’m not saying let’s all hold hands and process our feelings, but I wanted to point out there is a lot of common ground – maybe we should stop attacking each other and start listening to each other’s views, pain, and our own stories of unfair treatment.

    1. I think there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of feminism that I have and that you have.

      I don’t think so. This site and these people are here because we understand feminism very well.

      You found some of that out after doing your “homework.”

      If you want to find common ground, reject feminism and embrace justice and honesty.

      1. I do embrace justice and honesty! My mind remains open, there’s a lot to learn, a lot to reject – all in the name of justice and honesty.

      2. What I meant by ‘misunderstanding’ is many people who call themselves feminist believe in your beliefs, and vice versa. I was raised in a feminist household so to speak. My mother had a subscription to Ms. magazine, the very magazine that published the rape study in the 80’s – the same outdated and erroneous study we continue to reference today.

        I’m sure you can understand the difficulty one may experience in realizing their entire foundation may have been built on wrong assumptions. I have always seen myself as a champion for everyone’s rights, and I have never ever demonized men in the process. To be identifying myself with a movement that is doing that very thing at times, well, this ain’t easy. I have understood feminism to be true and right and just and generally great for everyone, but I am seeing some flaws, things I don’t agree with, maybe this word needs to be retired into something a little more inclusive.

        Because I know that where I’m coming from is a quest for knowledge, equality, and integrity. Like I said, I have a son, and I of course want a just world for him.

    2. beti the EXTREMELY PROUD feminist

      “Typical women?”

      Men are just as likely to want their sons and daughters and children of indeterminate gender to do well and not be messed about in their lives, by anyone, let alone a state which is supposed to support them.

      And actually, it sounds like she might be on your side, so why push her away because she’s a woman. I thought you wanted equality..

  21. Sasha, the very fact that you did finally take a clear-eyed look at the situation and recognized injustice AS unjust – rather than peering through the distorting lenses of “feminist” belief, and shrug it off as “they deserve it” – is a worthy and honorable start.

    It’s not easy or comfortable to find that your habitual beliefs are flawed; but when you find the flaws, it is utterly necessary to crack them open and grow beyond their limits.

    Good luck and keep growing!

    1. Thanks BeijaFlor. It’s funny, my husband and I always considered ourselves feminists, and we believe in equality. Since my son was born, we have entered a world where men are completely shunned. I mean, when we go to the doctor, they look at me, and talk to me, ask me questions, they don’t even acknowledge my husband’s existence. It reminded me of the time we went to an Indian restaurant and the waiter wouldn’t look at me!

      I recently read a study on “picky eaters” and the results were that “mothers were not at fault for offering too many or not enough choices…the mothers were found to…etc.” And I kept thinking “what, do men not feed their kids?” It’s so parochial and it contributes to mutual sexism.

    After I became totally disabiled in line of duty, my wife had always demanded me to move to New York and transfer the HUD voucher there to be near her 2 brothers who live in Montreal Canada. Her next demanded was to take my 2kids to Iran for summer vacation I am 62 years old with heart disease, lung disease, sleep apnea, Tardive Dyskinesia, 2 ruptured disc in lower back and my left leg has numbness, tingling and pain radiating from my lower back all the way to my L-toes, bi-carpal tunnel syndrome, left cubital tunnel syndrome, asthma, depression, anxiety attack, bleeding ulcers, hemorrhoids, and almost near dead. She has been abusing me physically, verbally, mentally and financially for 15 years while I was making good money as General Manager we had no problems at all. Just one year after, I became disabled in line of duty she slashed my face &neck neighbors called police she was arrested and taken to jail I had to pay to bail her out and attorney fees. Few years later she attacked me with a toolbox hit my L-shoulder that permanently disabled my L-shoulder even after total rotator cuff muscle surgery from more than 80% tear I still can not lay on my L-shoulder for one minute and have been suffering from pain and discomfort since then have not been able to use my left shoulder, arm and hand to do daily activities. She also fractured my left pinky in several places while she was mad and threw a20lb weight to my hand and has been threatened me to poison me, turned my CPAP off at midnights to suffocate me I ordered a new CPAP machine, but it was her turning it off nothing was wrong with CPAP machine. After I was not able to meet her demands she threatened to make my life a living hell. She has been calling police several times for non sense to establish a fake domestic violence case for me. Finally I survived a fatal car accident in 4/4/11when someone hit my car hard flipped it over and totaled it and I was unconscious for long time with severe pain referred to orthopedic department and I am still under physicians care. I am still suffering from that injury with severe pain. A few days after my accident she punched me in my achy head for blocking her friend (interfering in our life asked her to get divorce, take the kids to Iran) number called police that I blocked her friend phone police told her that was personal then she falsely claimed I also pulled her hair police didn’t believe her claim (I was suffering from pain on my bed that time with neck brace, L-arm brace and back brace I was hardly could move from bed) she begged police to take her to shelter because she did not to live here any longer, but police told her you have 5 hours to make up and become friendly with you husband and if it didn’t work call after 4 pm when 2kids come home from school police would take you to a shelter, one police asked me if she hit me I told him physically mentally, financially and for sake of my kids I never wanted her to go back to jail again last time cost me too much to get her out with her criminal record I thought they would keep her in jail for long time (I never intended to harm our relationship or for our kids sake remained patient all the time during her abusing and injuring me)put her in jail even if there were hundred opportunities for me to do that. After my kids returned from school she took the only car we had in our household and followed police to a shelter. I haven’t seen my dear kids for 1/5 months their school called many times regarding their tardiness and send me letters that my kids have bee unexcused absent for days, library books were over due I had to pat to clear them up and I received a letter from HUD section 8 that my voucher was terminated after 14 years was given to me due to my total disability& transferred to my wife due to DV and her being in shelter. I had to borrow some money and hired an attorney to appeal their decision before the HUD hearing they never provided any documents to my attorney no witnesses to be cross exam basically a police report and few fake pictures part of an arm with a browse from several years ago and a picture of foot (supposedly of my wife) she wasn’t present to be crossed exam. Then I received a call from police department that my wife pressed charge against me for that day she left with my kids. I am 62 years old have been living with honor, my son from ex-wife is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO for serving almost 3 years in Iraq war (unfortunately he was disfranchised from our family simply because her mother was African America and she always told my kids they did not need nigger, S O B brother even if my son and I had a good father and son relationship prior to new marriage but she never let him visit me and his sister& brother whom he loved so much or even call them), paid taxes and voted in each election with 2 Masters and partial PhD education who never bothered any one in my life and have been always a good citizen of this great country, living with integrity, helping victims all my life long supporter/member of Amnesty International, ACLU. With lots of illnesses and 100% disability and $650 SSI& SSA which I spent my last dime for kids and her and paid bills never purchased even a pair of sucks for myself in past 14 years. I married her unfortunately while visiting Iran in 1992 without back ground check from her and her family. She has been a huge consumer of taxpayer money for 15 years, never worked a minute or earned a penny since I married her and brought her to America from Iran. She has been in charge of my EBT card for buying food of her own desire and she abused $215 TANF kid’s money for herself and her family in Iran & Canada as well as purchasing long distance phone cards to call those 2 countries for many hours per week. DHR had tried to send her to school and find her a job but she refused to follow up by giving fake excuses such as headache and depression abusing taxpayers’ money, Medicaid and myself to co-pay for her doctors and medications to reach her ambitious& goals of getting SSI and other Government benefits. After some research I found out in Iran women usually use faked domestic violence by self inflecting wounds to gain upper hands in divorce, child custody and other cases against their husband. Please advise me what to do next? Thanks for your time and God bless America and God bless you.

    1. Damn, that’s a crazy-ass situation.

      I gotta say it’s really hard to read what you’ve written,in the sense that it sounds terrible as well as in the sense that it’s nearly illegible.

      You should try breaking it up into paragraphs.Just every 3 sentences or whenever you’re moving on to a new idea hit “return” or “enter” or whatever it is on your keyboard.Thanks for sharing your story,but as far as I know, family law in both New York and Canada is fucking insane, bro.

      I wouldn’t even begin to know how to advise you.

    2. beti the EXTREMELY PROUD feminist

      this is undoubtedly a horrible story, but the abuse you’ve suffered is not because you are vulnerable as a man, but because you are vulnerable as a disabled individual.

      the reason feminists take issue with domestic abuse is because, like you, most women in relationships are not physically strong enough to defend themselves, like you. It is inequality that we fight against, we don’t even pretend that it is only a female issue.

      But one thing I will say, is that you have CHOSEN not to press charges and have her put in prison, it is not an oppressive state that has done that, you have made the decision, because you feel it is best for your kids.

      I completely respect what you’ve been through, but this is not an issue for either sex, it is an issue for every person on the face of the earth.

      1. First off sweaty beti did you read the facts section? NO you didn’t, because if you did you would see why DV of men goes unreported. Second don’t tell us feminism is an equal opportunity for all movement, its for woman only which makes it a supremacy movement. Prove me wrong. Fourth we could give a rats ass about the so called OLD days, you wanna move forward? Fine…lets move forward, that means no chivalry, no special treatment, no marriage and an end to affirmative action as these are also apart of the OLD DAYS that you speak of. Finally you cows are famous for denying that men and woman are different, nope to you we are all the same. So with that said its time for to man up and join the future you helped create and stop flashing your PP victim badge.

        Oh and as a side note, make sure you fuck your friend in manner that is fitting. loyalty should never go unrewarded… especially to those who can’t think for themselves.

        You know what they say…if you wanna piss a feminist off,then treat her as your equal. Isn’t that right beti : ))

          1. beti the EXTREMELY PROUD feminist

            you were not intimated, you were intimidated.

            i know that fancy book learning isn’t for everyone, but just give it a go every so often.

            and if not, try sounding it out first.

          2. You are concentrating on keystroke errors and ignoring the content of the post you replied to.

            This is dishonest.

        1. beti the EXTREMELY PROUD feminist

          firstly- it’s really sweet that you think calling me sweaty beti would upset me. I actually have it tattooed on my leg, I’m damn proud if I sweat, it’s a completely natural body process and it shows me I’m kicking some arse.

          secondly- i did, i just actually don’t believe that that’s completely true. no one will ever know how much crime is unreported, because Hey- it’s unreported. therefore figures are easy as hell to falsify.

          thirdly- you forgot how to count, which doesn’t do a hellish lot for you and your pals does it? if it looks like a movement’s members can’t even count to three..

          fourthly- please read some feminist literature. you are talking to an actual feminist who is a member of a number of feminist collectives, and trust me- i have not once met a feminist who was a supremacist. I can only even think of one who has ever been published and that was Valerie Solanas who none of us (that i am aware of) agree with.

          fifthly- that is EXACTLY what we want- a move away from the old days. we do not want chivalry or hand outs because you know what love? we can do it on our own! and also, I am a radical feminist, by definition I am fundamentally opposed to marriage in every form and disagree with the family as a structure.

          sixthly- “join the future you helped create and stop flashing your PP victim badge.” is worded quite strangely.. I wonder how you know I haven’t joined the future. That is exactly what feminists want- to be able to be allowed to have just as much input into the future as you boys.

          and with reference to your side note- I already have. He was fucken good too. I’m sure more than can be said for your army of cunt-fearers, who are too intimidated by the inherent power of women to accept them as equals, and as such have created a whole bunch social and structural constructs to try and keep us down.

          and also, your understanding of feminism is very very poor. if you want to piss off a feminist then not understanding their goals and aspirations and trying to continue to suppress the people without whom you would not exist.

          treat us equally and we’ll be positively chuffed!

          mwah! x x x

          1. ROFLMAO!!! : )) this is what I live for, feminist shaming tactics. Its the greatest source of humor on the planet. You still haven’t proved me wrong my little sex cake ; ) You did prove however you can read and thats a plus. I pissed you off and you know it : ) its all over your comments like a sloppy drunk. And grats on your lay from your clapping seal, personally I don’t think he exists…does he sweaty beti ; )

          2. Feminist shaming tactics ROTFLMAO!!! So predictable, always used when they get stumped in presenting facts. You are free to attack my “ego” all you want, just know that I don’t have one. You still didn’t prove me wrong. All you did was prove you can read and that you say you fucked your clapping seal.

          3. We noticed it J3DIforce1,

            This woman is doing exactly what feminists often do.

            They concentrate on errors of punctuation, grammar or spelling and point it out in their response. For them it’s more important to focus on the way something is said more than the content itself.

            This focus they do is for all incoming responses to themselves and of course for their own responses back. They are bereft of content and must tailor make the way or the “sound” of their retort.

            Because there is no content in their argument they can’t back anything up and must rely on the process of the written medium and not as a receptacle of a sound argument.

            They just cannot do any differently and I stand by this Beti.

            If you do not respond to my post without any hint of ad hominem, personal, sarcastic or shaming language or tactic – or focussing of mechanical error of my keystrokes then I stand as correct in my suggestion that you have no argument at all with your suggestion that feminism is good for both men and women equally.

            I await your reply madam.

          4. sorry for the rants, I just wanted her to know she had absolutely nothing relevant to say. I should probably let this one go. We all know where this going, or should I say it already went there. I still have a lot to learn for sure.

          5. Apologise.. What for ?

            I have much to learn also. Better to react as you did than just shut up and move on.

            For too long these self entitled sanctimonious feminists waltz in and use sarcasm like kissing at the end of a post, addressing others as “honey” and the rest.

            They are so easy to shoot down when they do this. All you have to do is present the challenge of honest debate like I did and listen to either the silence that follows or more of the same.

            If you get more of the same then they know they are done like a dinner because in their anger they just cannot see how they have once again exposed the vacuousness of their position.

            When they cool down I can only imagine how silly they must feel when they look at their fresh post and see how it’s exactly the thing they were predicted to do.

            Beti, where are you ? The challenge I posted is at this time unmet by you.

            See J3DIforce1, she has nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  23. beti the EXTREMELY PROUD feminist

    well this provided us all with a bit of giggle I can tell you. The majority of the Feminist movements that have ever happened have pushed for sexual EQUALITY not inequality for men. As a devoted radical feminist I do not know anyone who believes that the sexes should be unequal, we all believe in EQUALITY for EVERYONE. This sounds to us as if you are a lot of old fashioned men who don’t actually like equality very much because it doesn’t benefit you because you aren’t on top.

    baby’s throwing his toys out of the pram because baby’s 1950s housewife isn’t sucking him off whilst cooking him his dinner and bringing up his children and not leaving him despite the rape and domestic abuse. Baby can’t get away with that crap anymore, he doesn’t like it.

    prove me wrong though lads, don’t send me loads of rubbish about my hairy legs and call me a lesbian. Because, that, is just an uninformed cop out.

    🙂 x

    1. It’s just your opinion so I have no interest in proving you wrong, except that my experience with feminists is that the majority is not interested in equality.

      Prove me wrong, where are these feminists who believe in equality and what are they doing for men?

      I’ve met a very few equity feminists that I can count on one hand.
      Why do feminists hate Christina Hoff Sommers so much?

      What’s Wrong and What Right with Contemporary Feminism?
      A worthy read for anyone who cares about justice and equality.


      “gender feminists tend to see conventional masculinity as a pathology and the source of much of what is wrong in the world”

    2. “… sexual EQUALITY … EQUALITY for EVERYONE … equality …”

      That’s your error right there. Men and women are not equal. Pleased to be able to help you out on this point.

      “… baby’s throwing his toys out of the pram because baby’s 1950s housewife …” etc etc etc etc.

      Tired. Old. Bye, Beti.

    3. Does anyone give a flying fuck what a political movement ‘proclaims’ or ‘says’. If (that) you do (shows) you’re a fucking idiot. What feminism has DONE is everything possible to institute female supremacy. Your success in that is unfortunate.

  24. beti the EXTREMELY PROUD feminist

    Also, just an interesting side note, a male non-feminist friend of mine and I were just talking about this site, and he’s now read it and just said

    “After reading this website i am considering becoming a feminist myself!”

    Kind of makes this all seem a bit counter-intuitive huh?

    1. Why would we believe that you are being honest and that your opinion is relevant? Considering that you are obviously lying about the majority of feminists above, you’re probably lying again.

    2. Probably, your male non-feminist friend is considering becoming an MRA. His statement as reported by you is understandable in the circumstances.

  25. So your actual name is Extremely Proud Babbling Incoherent spewer of Feminist Nonsense Diatribe.

    That you arrive at, “Kind of makes this all seem a bit counter-intuitive huh?” from the trifling anecdote of your pussy beggar friend says all we need to know about you and your ‘leadership’ abilities. Go use your fat head to absorb the kinetic energy from IEDs and earn your vote, filthy feminista.

  26. beti the EXTREMELY PROUD feminist

    I simply feel sorry for you all having read your comments back.

    I feel sorry firstly because all of you have clearly been a bit messed up in the past, possibly or probably by a woman, and this has led you to believe that we’re all horrendous, we aren’t.

    also, by not understanding feminism in it’s entirety, you are doing damage to your own movement, because actually it isn’t feminist governance you’re fighting against, because honey, you are not under feminist governance. when you have woman president who calls herself a feminist, and women councillors who identify as feminists etc etc etc THEN you may be able to call that feminist governance. but even then, it would not be a matriarchy.

    But I also think it’s sad that you all seem to hold so little respect for women, I mean, your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, do you think they’re terrible people? Your mother gave you life, you lived inside your mother for 9 months, she is the one person you should have the closest bond with, you share something with her you can never even begin to share with anyone else.

    I certainly have the most intense relationship with my mother. I mean, I even feel I share a bond with my father, despite the fact that he abused me in the worst ways you can imagine from the age of seven. I still respect that without him, there would be no me. And that’s something I feel is an important thing to remember.

    But guys, I can’t help but feel like you’re going to be missing out on a whole world of amazing closeness to women in your lives unless you stop being angry with women in general.

    I don’t know very many feminists who spend their lives angry at men, despite the lies and cliches. It’s the society and structure and patriarchy that we don’t like.


    1. If anything you should feel sorry for yourself. Its obvious you don’t get it, and we get that you don’t get it. All slams and personal insults aside I ask you one last time, prove me wrong. What does feminism do for men? For little boys? How is feminism not for women only? And don’t cop out and say it’s for equality. I want specifics. Because if your gonna say equality…then how so in terms for equality for all, not just women. Don’t beat around the the bush,I want a straight up answer. Because HONEY ill bet you can’t give one.

      1. And before you go go asking for our proof I will once again refer you to our FACTS section conveniently locted at the top of the site. It also has some links to tell you th source of the studies and would be a great opportunity to use those great reading skills of yours. I see you on here asking for FACTS yet you haven’t presented any of your own. As I said, I don’t think you can.

        1. I posted an challenge to her above and there is no way she’ll be able to meet it.

          There is only two ways this can go from here;

          1/ She’s gone.
          2/ She’ll reply without meeting the conditions I posted above.

  27. “… and this has led you to believe that we’re all horrendous, we aren’t. ”

    As I wrote before: tired and old, Beti. To save myself time and typing, search for NAWALT on this site.

    “… also, by not understanding feminism in it’s entirety, ”

    Oh, but we do understand feminism

    ” you are doing damage to your own movement, because actually it isn’t feminist governance you’re fighting against, because”


    Couldn’t help yourself, eh, saccharine buttocks?

    “you are not under feminist governance.”

    The system is pervasively anti-male.

    “But I also think it’s sad that you all seem to hold so little respect for women …,”

    You’re sad because you can’t get respect for yourself without having to earn it.

    “… my father, despite the fact that he abused me in the worst ways you can imagine from the age of seven”

    Permit me a measure of scepticism here.

    “But guys, I can’t help but feel like you’re going to be missing out on a whole world of amazing closeness to women …”

    Tired and old, Beti. Search for MGTOW on this site.

  28. beti the EXTREMELY PROUD radical feminist Klanswoman

    Nice. Congratulations, you have many atrocities to be proud of. Shameful kook.

    It’s you who is dangerously ignorant of your own self-proclaimed radical ideology, snookie.

    “I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.” — Andrea Dworkin, Ice and Fire, (Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 1987)

  29. beti: for the sake of civility lets just say that we no longer as men and woman speak the same language. many men here have engaged the kind of dialogue you represent, for the most part it is a waste of keys strokes. you are free to pursue any perspective you wish and if it is different than what you find here well that’s fine to. the interesting thing about people is they have different perspectives and that is based on different experience. I think your dialogue is a clear representation of a hatred for men, one that goes beyond knee jerk denial. others here see and say as much in their comments. what is it you think you have to offer that anyone here is interested in pop psychology, shame, argument, thrust and perry, again a waste of key strokes. enjoy your resolve be strong in your beliefs, stand up for those beliefs.

    here at this site men don’t accept the feminist narrative, you don’t represent our experiences, beliefs or feelings, we actually hash that out for ourselves. your presentation is not new, in fact it is just another print of the feminine perception and narrative. it’s predictable, old, tiring, vapid and in general habitually unintelligent. we are not your mentors here. you are not the teacher. you are not even an equal you simply have nothing to offer. enjoy your stay hopefully it will be brief. 🙂

  30. Beti,

    Yooo Hooo… waiting. Where are you ?


    Just as I predicted. You are gone now.. even though you have read all the comments since the challenge I posted for you to come clean and debate without any hint of ad hominem, personal, sarcastic or shaming language or tactic – or focussing of mechanical error of my keystrokes you will not reply.

    Our position is solid and yours is an illusion.

    C’mon… where are you ? You say you and feminism seek equality for both sexes and I say you cannot debate this with honesty.

    Your silence is your answer.

  31. I would recommend everyone to read “The true believer” by Eric Hoffer where one can learn about how mass movements work and about their ultimate fate.
    Feminism is a revolutionary movement (though mostly engineered and driven by agencies and governments) which means it will probably never end.
    It will only get worse. Then a men’s movement, in case it could actually get started, would be the counter revolutionary movement.
    But what would be the ultimate goal of this second revolution or backlash?
    I, personally would welcome if we could turn back the clock and recreate the conditions and circumstances as they were before the first revolution, which did no one any good. But that’s not possible, sadly.

  32. Wow, I think “beti” just did most of the blue pill-ers a great service in terms of blowing the lid off of most feminist hypocrisy.

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