Tom Matty appeal update from MRE

Hi everybody. We thought you’d be interested in this update from Raz, which first appeared on our Men’s Rights Edmonton site. You may remember Tom from this episode of AVfM Radio. –DE

Due to the recent controversy surrounding the Earl Silverman Center, we feel it would be best to voluntarily update everybody (especially those that donated) as to the latest news regarding the Tom Matty appeal. Since submitting the required $5000 legal surety, Tom’s lawyers have been hard at work gathering evidence and preparing the case. They will be appearing before the appeal court next week on Sept. 3. (yes, the legal system works very slowly).

As a reminder, if this appeal is successful, it will essentially set a legal precedence of proven bias against men in the lower courts of Canada. This means that every man henceforth who is trying to retain access to his kids following a separation will have at least a fighting chance (which is huge).

Also, one more bonus for us if this appeal is successful is, we get back that 5 thousand dollar surety which was so graciously donated to us by you kind folks. In the event that we get the 5 thousand dollars refunded to us, we will be true to our word and refund the donations to all those who request it returned to them. Otherwise, we will keep that money and put it towards other forms of activism (& we got some big plans). That choice will be yours.

So anyways, that’s pretty much it for now. We have been waiting for a long time for this appeal date, and now that it is nearly upon us, do keep checking in for the latest news surrounding this matter.
Once again, thank you all for helping to make this thing happen. Without a doubt, if this community didn’t pitch in like it did, none of this would have been possible.

This is OUR movement.




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