Romanian Marxist feminists on the attack

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Since the fall of the Communist dictatorship following a bloody popular revolution in December 1989, politicians (be it militant feminists or indifferent to the topic) were reluctant in openly admitting being Marxist, since it’s been less than 25 years since we’ve all suffered under a real oppression directed towards everyone.

Thus, feminists in this country kept their beliefs to themselves and acted rather stealthily and only small segments of the media openly advocated explicitly feminist themes. But, as of 2005, things have gradually changed for the worse, and from 2009 to the present there has been a deteriorating of the situation and Romania is much closer to the US in terms of misandry than it has ever been so far.

We now have an almost identical Family Law Code with the US (and the misandry levels in the family courts are identical to the US), we have laws that are indistinguishable from VAWA (except they are in separate laws and hidden behind a more complex language and thus incomprehensible for the average Joe). We have more than 100 DV shelters (at a population of 19,6 million); at least 80 of them are funded through taxpayers’ money – and the number is rapidly growing. Needless to say there is not a single shelter that admits men and boys over the age of 14.

So in this context, Gabriela Crețu is running for the Senate in Bârlad constituency on behalf of the Socialist Party.

She openly admits in her CV that she is a Marxist feminist and that she pursues gender politics and gynocentrism[1][2]. She also openly supports a prominent gender ideologue who stated the following about fathers in Romania (after a father’s rights organization has mildly stated that there is ‘a bit of misandry’ in the family courts):

They demanded all these all the while in the domestic space from the majority of the Romanian families, men themselves act like children, being incapable of taking care of themselves, so how could they be trusted to take care of children? If their wives are missing from home, they almost starve to death and go to work in dirty or inappropriate clothes. These are the fathers to whom this organization says they should be trusted with child custody in divorce cases.

When that gender ideologue was called out for her hate speech, she deleted her blog post. But the Internet doesn’t forget, and doesn’t forgive.

This woman also openly praises Salvador Allende[3][4], a ruthless Communist leader who pursued the same collectivist policy, with nationalizations and suppressing individual liberty, that lead to thousands upon thousands of innocent deaths under an oppressive dictatorship.

After she pursued gender ideological politics in the European Parliament, now, Gabriela Crețu has launched a book advocating for the principles of the New Left[5] soon to hit the universities on a large scale and it’s already considered an important book in the Gender Studies classes (yes, we also have those).

Now she’s running for the Romanian Senate[6] in a town that has been constanly voting for the Socialist Party in the last 20 years.

It took them 50 years in the US, but they’re close to the endgame in Romania, after only 7 years of pushing the feminist ideology. This is one of the attempts from us, the very few red pill people, to attempt at least to inform people that these issues are not at all restrained to the English-speaking countries.

And this is only the beginning in here. They have achieved in 7 years here what they could not in the first 20 years of activism for the gender ideology starting with “F’ in the West.









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