Lori B. Jackson recused from Kirk case by Chief Justice Ketchum

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Snead goes double down on motion to gag Kirk, AVfM

In the case of Lt. Col. Joel Kirk, AVfM has been informed that State Supreme Court Chief Justice Ketchum has recused Judge Lori B. Jackson from the Kirk divorce case, and assigned it to Justice J. Jeffrey Culpepper of Monongalia County. The decision also puts a current motion to gag Lt. Col Kirk and A Voice for Men before Judge Culpepper.

This is ostensibly good news for Lt. Col. Kirk, as it has become abundantly clear that Jackson has acted inconsistently with the best interests of the Kirk children by allowing unsupervised access to them by their mother, Tina Taylor Kirk, who had been found by the court to be abusing them.

The grounds for the recusal were based on the negative impact of internet coverage of the case on Judge Jackson’s perception of Lt. Col. Kirk.

This has apparently also created a reactionary move from Guardian Ad Litem Mary Snead. After Jackson was recused from the case, Snead filed an almost identical motion (that to gag Lt. col. Kirk and AVfM) in district court, effectively seeking concurrent jurisdiction of two courts in the case, which would keep litigation against Lt. Col. Kirk and A Voice for Men active in a court which is more closely tied to Snead and Jackson’s realm of immediate influence.

More details on this will be posted as they become available.


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