Kenyan men protest domestic violence

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(Washington D.C. Feb 21, 2012 AVfM News) Yesterday the BBC reported that a men’s group in Kenya named Maendeleo Ya Wanaume (translation not available) announced an initiative to protest what is becoming a growing problem of female perpetrated domestic abuse in that country. The protest will entail a nation wide boycott of meals made by their wives and partners and is supposed to encourage men to eat away from home together and share their experiences with domestic abuse whether it be physical or emotional.

In Kenyan culture eating your wife’s meal is said to be a very important part of a mans expression of appreciation for his wife.

Last year, the group conducted its own survey of Central and Nairobi provinces and found that up to 460,000 men said they had been subjected to some sort of domestic abuse. The two provinces have a combined population of more than seven million people.

In addition to the BBC release local Kenyan television station, NTV Kenya, has broadcast a story about the protest and featured victims of extreme physical abuse. Explanations for the abuse perpetrated by wives included undocumented reports of widespread alcoholism by men and the fact that women were now earning more than men and as better earners were more resentful that they were taking up more financial responsibility.

Video below. Advisory: Graphic content




[publishers addendum: African media has already begun the shaming and ridicule. Macharia Gaitho of has issued this scathing condemnation of men who speak up against being abused. PE]


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