India’s sexually repressive society and gangrapes

Today, in Indian cities you can find McDonalds, Subway and KFC. On Indian roads, you see people driving Audi and Mercedes cars. You can watch Hollywood movies in HBO at any time of the day. However, the entire Indian subcontinent’s cultures are sexually repressive even today. It’s very difficult to imagine for a Western man, hence I will give some examples.

If a guy brings his girlfriend to his rented house during the weekend, his land lord’s family will most likely create a big fuss and he may be even told to vacate the house at the earliest. The whole street will gossip about this issue. If a young guy takes his girlfriend to a hotel to stay, the man at the reception will certainly demand the identity cards of the guy and the girl to find about their relationship. You will get suspicious looks unless you check in with a woman who is your wife. The only way for a young man to check in to a hotel with a young woman is to claim that she is his sister, which the receptionist will try to verify by checking the surnames in the identity cards.

Indian police can beat up young couples if they kiss on a park bench. During Valentine’s Day, there were instances of goons roaming in the streets to beat up young couples walking hand in hand. Some male and female goons even force the young couple to get married by forcing the guy to tie a symbolic necklace around the woman’s neck.

So, where do young couples in love have sex? Often, they have sex in office toilets, parking lots, elevator lifts, ATM Machine rooms, in cars in lonely areas, or even in the jungles at the outskirts of a city. It is not unnatural for these young men and women to head to lonely places to have sex. Some go to a dilapidated building or closed industrial buildings to have sex. Some give a few bucks to a bus driver in a parking area to have a quickie in the bus in the evening or at night.

The sexual repression enforced by our culture sometimes puts young couples in dangerous situations. If they go to a jungle or a lonely dilapidated industrial complex to have sex, there is always a chance that there may be some criminals or drug addicts around. If someone decides to have sex in a bus by paying few bucks to the driver, what if the bus driver turns out to be criminal and decides to call couple of other criminals? It happens.

Now, feminists are not criminologists. They have no clue why crimes happen in any society, and they are the people least interested in solving crimes anyway. At best, they claim using their giant brains that all crimes happen due to patriarchy. So, on one hand they claim women’s right to venture into any criminal-infested area, and then they raise a hue and cry if there is an incident of gang rape. Today, Indian women venture into some dangerous areas in the evenings or night, which a man would be afraid of going even in the day time. Sometimes, these women drag their male friends or male colleagues with them to dangerous areas using shaming language to question their manhood if they are afraid.

On the other hand, questioning a woman’s decision to venture into a nearby jungle in evening is not acceptable for feminists, or the media. They claim it is victim-blaming. So, no one educates the young women to avoid criminal-infested lonely areas. The sexual repression in our society forces the young couples to venture into lonely areas to have sex.

As the media sensationalizes rape cases, the repressive society responds by calling for more sexual repression. The Indian Supreme Court recently called for banning pornography, and others called for covering store mannequins in lingerie. Some went a few steps ahead and called for even covering the naked copulating statues in ancient temples at Khajuraho and Konark.

Finally, the Western Feminists and Media play their part. They laud the bravery of raped women and convince the U.S. State Ddepartment to give awards to a few victims of gang rapes in India. They all work to pressurize the Indian Government to enact extremely draconian, undemocratic rape laws, which are useless when women keep going and dragging their boyfriends to criminally infested areas for having sex or for private or professional reasons. It is a country of 1.25 billion people and in any country there will always be small percentage of criminals. Of course, after an incident of alleged gang rape, sometimes a nice packaging is done to the story to hide the actual facts.

A young woman was allegedly raped by five men in a dilapidated industrial mill, in Mumbai. Why did she force her male friend to accompany her into it in the evening, when working men around the area do not dare to venture into it even during the day time?

Inside is a sprawling and dense overgrowth, where drug addicts roll and snort and smoke, and alcoholics sprawl, dead to their surroundings. People working and living around the compound don’t venture into it. They know what lies inside. Nishar Ahmed is one of them. He owns a shop next to the mill. “I have been living and working here for 15 years and not once have I dared enter the mill. I was here when the gang rape took place but got to know of it only after the sudden arrival of the police. A dense forest is what I call the mill compound.”


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