Indian girl uses acid for revenge

In recent times, the western media and feminists are growing crazy about acid attacks on women in South Asia, though the actual reality is such attacks are very rare and the victims can be both male and female. The paranoid Western people think of helping out without realizing that with 1.5 billion people living in South Asia, some 500 cases in a year are miniscule. The feminists blow this issue out of proportion to collect funds to break families and sending innocent men and women in prison in India. This year, a movie on Acid attacks was even given an Academy award.

A typical story of acid attack on a young woman appears in media as below:

A 20-year-old college student was attacked with acid by two men in Anantpur town of Andhra Pradesh today.  The girl, studying in final year B.Com in Anantpur, tried to dodge the attack, but still suffered burn injuries on her body.

The accused are two men from her native village in Mudigupa mandal of Anantpur district, some 70 kilometres from the town. One of the accused, Raghavendra, had reportedly been harassing the girl for some time. Three months ago, he got married but continued to pursue the girl.

The girl told the police in hospital that the accused had threatened to pour acid on her and she had brought this to the attention of the police but no action was taken. Police sources said the accused, Raghavendra and his friend Venkatesh, will be arrested shortly.


Now, such a story will melt hearts of a lot of white knights, who will immediately call of hanging or castration of her attackers. In India, often the communist-run student unions mobilize students to unleash violent protests.

Now, in the above story, as the police investigated, they found that the woman was upset due to rejection by her boyfriend, who married another woman. So, she asked a few youth in that village to arrange some acid. Then, she poured the acid on her body to teach him a lesson.

This news video talks about how the police investigated the case and found her story to be inconsistent. Then by tracking her cell phone call records, they caught hold of the youth who gave her acid and the youth spilled the beans.

Video (in Indian Language Telugu )

Most Western People are brainwashed that India is a patriarchal society and Indian women live like slaves. The false propaganda about Indians burning young women for dowry is also propagated for decades. Indian feminists thrived from the funds sent by Western Governments and Taxpayers, who believed their lies and hoaxes. In this particular case, this criminal woman is not from any big modernized city, but from a relatively small place from rural India. This dispels the myth that rural Indian women can not be vicious and treacherous.

Its time, taxpayers in West stop believing lies and stop wasting their hard earned money by funding criminal minded Indian feminists.

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