Citizen Order issued against child-abusing judge

A formal complaint has been made against Judge Michael Kelly of West Virginia.




Child-abusing Kangaroo Court judge Michael J. Kelly

“Send the child-abusing judge to prison.” That’s the demand made to the West Virginia Supreme Court and legislature about Kanawha County Family Court Judge Michael J. Kelly by Publisher Mark Hallburn who says he’s had enough of “The cretin in the black dress.”

Monday, August 26th, 2013, Hallburn filed a Citizen Order of Recusal, Disqualification and Impeachment against Kelly with the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, Putnam Circuit Court, and e-mailed copies to every West Virginia legislator.


“It’s time to stand up for West Virginia families,” says Hallburn. “I’m calling on the West Virginia Supreme Court to show some ethics and family values and toss Kelly from the bench straight into a mental institution in state prison. And the legislature needs to impeach him so that he can’t collect a pension or run for another office. Kelly is an egomaniac and a disgrace to the judiciary. He is evil.”


Over the past 18 months Kelly has refused to let Hallburn’s son, Matthew, visit his dying grandmother, Nancy, take spring break trips, visit Disneyland, visit zoos, attend his cousin’s weddings, in California, and share his first day of school with his father.


Kelly is coming under fire from national groups as well. Dean Esmay, of ripped Kelly’s misconduct.

“Appalling behavior,” says Esmay, of via Facebook. “Child abuse, honestly no better term for it.”

“Judge Kelly has turned his hearings into Nazi Show Trials,” says Bruce Eden of Dads Against Discrimination. “Fathers are treated like Jews, in Berlin, in 1938.”

The West Virginia Supreme Court has let Kelly get away with it-so far. Chief Justice Brent Benjamin has proved that protecting the child abusing judge is a priority in Benjamin’s administration by refusing to recuse Kelly from the case-multiple times. Benjamin has refused several interview requests by it obvious that he has no excuse for his appalling actions.

Will the legislature and supreme court enforce the Citizen’s Order and punish Kelly? “Highly doubtful,” says Hallburn. “They can’t spell ethics if you spot them the vowels, consonants, and bring in Vanna White to flip the letters. Shame on them! When Judge Kelly violates their children’s civil rights they will feel the pain that other fathers feel every day, in West Virginia.”

Meanwhile, Kelly sees the writing on the wall. Rather than face the music for abusing West Virginia children and fathers, he has announced that he is retiring at the end of the year.

“He can become the national spokesperson for Chick fil A,” says Hallburn. “He’ll fit in well with all the chickens.”

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