Canadian Federation of Students: equal-er than others

Canadian Student Union wants to ban men’s rights groups! So much for free speech and equal treatment…

The mainstream news media  article you should not have missed has to be Robyn Urback: Student union brands men’s rights groups as ‘hateful’ clubs that ‘justify sexual assault. The first thing you will see is a picture of a young well dressed women holding a sign saying “Men of Quality Support Women’s Equality.”

Whatever happened to the struggle for “Human Rights?” The struggle for all men and women to be treated fairly and with respect. It somehow got devoured by feminism, that is radical feminism; or, better yet supremacist feminism and the disenfranchisement of men.

So pronounced is this absurd pogrom that we have allowed our educational system to become rooted in its destructive nonsense. By inaction we are complicit in submitting generations of children to educational systems disrespectful toward men, their accomplishments, and contributions to our history, societies, and cultures. Even though westernized women are the most accomplished, educated, protected, well paid, and safest of all women our schools instill notions of female oppression. We have apparently educated untold numbers of young adults who believe whatever they are taught, question very little, believe the worse of man-kind, cannot think for themselves or see the goodness in people regardless of gender.

The National Post article along with many others show a misandric ideology grounded in not much more than pure fantasy. The fantasy of the mentally ill if not deranged. No sane and critically thinking person could make the horrific misandric statements reported in these articles.  Such statements are absurd on their face.

Representatives of the Canadian Association of Students supporting such anti-male nonsense have no grasp of reality. Their website lists their National Executives including a “Women’s Representative.” There is no “Men’s Representative” as if men don’t even exist or are lower than pond scum. Clearly some CAS representatives have been brainwashed to such an extent they can’t even hear their own hate speech. Hate speech to which they fervently hold title  by way of perceived victim-hood. After all, they are oppressed. Oppressed by a man, men, anything associated with maleness, and inevitably patriarchy and the horrific thing called penis. They are, in large part, young, pampered, goosestepping idiots of a very dangerous kind. We need to reinvent our educational systems and do it now… We need to recruit and support students of quality who support human rights, including the rights of men.

The National Post’s Robin Urback notes:


It is that sort of hyperbolic misrepresentation that perpetually stunts efforts to create resources for male students on campus, and gives fodder to CFS to pull out their favourite oppression lexicons in drafting motions. Suffice to say that a group for men doesn’t necessarily equate to a group against women, just as a group for Christian students on campus doesn’t amount an assembly against Jews or Muslims. I don’t doubt there may be a member or two with some less-than-politically-correct views on the roles of men and women, but to paint all men’s rights groups with the same broad brush (never mind to unabashedly label them all as assault-apologists) is to unfairly characterize an entire group of students. Not to mention half the human race. According to my lexicon, it’s incredibly prejudicial

You can read the entirety of Urback’s fact-filled report here in the National Post.

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