AVFM News week in review Oct 3-10, 2013

A sad news week this week with AVFM News reporting on the tragic death of Christian Adamek, a 15-year-old high school student in Harvest, Alabama.   A memorial service was held for him Wednesday at a local science center.  AVFM News and the entire AVFM community extend their deepest sympathies.


Item: Ryerson  Men’s Group to be established on campus

After much resistance from the student union and many members of the faculty and staff, the very first Ryerson University Men’s Group is to be established this year.  AVFM News will be watching progress closely.  Great job guys!


Item: New Zealand woman wins 70% of all assets in divorce proceedings

Of course the poor thing stayed at home with the kids and had all of her bills paid for as well as some rather lavish jewelry so she gets….not half…..not 60%…..but 70%.  It’s because the income disparity of course. Another reason to not get married and become financially responsible for them.


Item: American Apparel marketing “Period Power” T-shirt

You have to see it to believe it.  But be careful, you may not want to look.


Item: Florida man denied mammogram because , well, he’s a man.

This man’s insurance didn’t cover mammograms. Why would his insurance company cover mammograms for men silly?  So when he develops a painful lump under his left nipple he hears of free mammograms at a local clinic.  He is turned away because, yup you guessed it, he’s a man.  Fortunately the local TV station took his case and he was able to get the help he needed.  Kudos to WFTX in Fort Myers Florida!


Item:  UK Ministers roll out new proposals to have more people placed on sex offender registry even if they have never committed a crime.  Places restrictions on travel and personal activities.

So, if these people get their way you can be denied travel outside of the UK and be restricted from working around children as well as a host of other things even if you have not been convicted of anything.  Furthermore, if you are convicted of any kind of sex crime anywhere, even having been put on the sex offenders registry here in the U.S. for, let’s say, urinating in public, you would get the Royal (pun intended) in the U.K.  Things are getting scarier and scarier all the time.


 Item: Rabbis accused in plot to kidnap, torture husbands in order to get them to divorce

Under orthodox Jewish religious guidelines only the husband can grant a religious divorce, not the other way around.  That does suck and I can’t understand why any woman would get married under those circumstances.  But not to fear, just talk to the Rabbi and he has some buddies that will take care of business for you.  It will cost you a couple of bucks, though.


Item: Sugar daddy websites flourishing during government shutdown.

What’s a girl to do when she can no longer rely on Big Daddy Government to pay her bills?


Item: Viagra maker has more cash on hand than U.S. Government.

The folks at Slate just can’t help themselves – they have to find a way, however irrelevant and tangential, to link the government shutdown to the penis.


Item: Philosophy professor doomed by false sexual harassment charges.

What’s a girl to do when she develops a warm relationship with an older man who expects her to do the work he is paying her to do?

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